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  1. Food & Feeding
    Ahoy, dendomateys! Total beginner here (I actually don't even have any of my setup yet, just doing lots of research) so I'll probably be posting here a lot in the coming weeks and months. My first question is about invertebrate cultures. It seems like a lot of advice I can find online is...
  2. Food & Feeding
    Hi guys, I have been keeping my juvenile ranitomeya vanzolinii for two weeks now. Everything is going good, even my dad wants one for the terrarium I built for his home that currently has no inhabitant. However, I have two questions: 1) What other sources of food besides fruitflies and...
  3. General Discussion
    Currently, I'm feeding my phyllobates terribilis fruit flies and I ordered some red flour beetles. I'm wondering what's the largest prey that terribilis has been recorded to take down. Some ideas that I have are buffalo beetles and Kenyan roaches, which neither should grow past 1 cm. This might...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Hello, I would like feed dusted springtails as a staple (for Reticulata) these will be cultured along side draft white ISO’s the tank of course will be seeded with springs aswell as seeded Isopods, and occasionally dusted mels will be supplied here and there.
  5. Food & Feeding
    I have a group of three Fine Spot Leucs, two females and a male. Over the course of several months of observation, one female hadn't been eating and growing as much alongside her very eager tank mates. I decided that it's not an aggression situation with the other frogs, she simply doesn't track...
  6. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Hello, I have had two red eyed tree frogs for about a year. They are in a 20 gallon tall with many live plants. The cage is heated to the mid 70s range. I mist twice a day. I have a fogger than turns on when humidity drops below 60%. It rarely comes on. There is a large water bowl on the ground...
  7. Food & Feeding
    Hi All, We have 5 yellow subadult Terribilis in a 70X55X55 cm tank. They are doing fine. feeding on both kinds fruitflies and and springtales. Now, they can take bigger, so we thought of feeding them some crickets. We bought some that are no problem is size (about 1 cm long, little under half...
  8. Beginner Discussion
    Can fruit flies successfully reproduce in a viv? Long stupid scenario but: I first noticed my sips getting less excited at feeding time. First I was worried about decreased appetite and thriving but then I realized there was still a ton of undusted FF by my banana slice. Watching more carefully...
  9. Parts & Construction
    hello, i know this topic has been brought up before however i do have some important questions, IF a terrarium is large enough would it be possible to have a self sustaining tank. in the feeding aspect of things ? what i mean is lets say i had a very large tank heavily seeded with...
  10. New Members Introductions
    Hello, am planning on getting back into the hobby. Has anybody ever try feeding roaches( oxyhaloa deusta, red-head roach) to dart frogs
  11. Beginner Discussion
    Hi All.. Million dollar question.. How many fruit flies will 3 Azureus eat per week? And how often should they be fed Thanks Ben
  12. Food & Feeding
    I'm going to start finally splitting my one massive springtail culture into a couple small ones, but is it better to feed them frequently with small portions, or infrequently with large portions?
  13. General Discussion
    I have a 75 gallon paludarium and was originally going to house reed frogs but they don't eat a lot of things and i wanted to make the paludarium have a built in food chain with sprigtails and things like them. What herps should i house in my tank
  14. Food & Feeding
    I have a 75 gallon paludarium that is 2/3 land 1/3 water and i want to maintain food cultures inside the tank in the water and on land. Aside from springtails isopods and daphnia what other animals and/or plants could I use? The tank is going to house african reed frogs, killifish, and maybe a...
  15. Food & Feeding
    Hello, first time raising dart frogs and i have 4 that are about 2 days out of the water. When i dust the flies they will clean the dust off their body before the froglets get in feed mode to eat them. Should i be worried?
  16. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    I recently had my fist Imitator tadpole hatch and was just confused on when to start feeding it? Its been one day and its now in the cup with an Indian Almond leaf. I have Tadpole bites and Spirulina powder from NEHerp. I Know you are suppose to wait a few days but I'm confused how many? Most...
  17. Beginner Discussion
    I have 4 yellow terribs approx 3-5mo oow. In a 60 gal tank with the lyca clay stuff, then substrate them sphagnum moss with leaves. Well planted. Water in clay stuff area. Glass top with lights. I had it set up before frogs were brought in. My question. How do I regulate humidity without...
  18. General Discussion
    I have to go on a trip for 4 weeks and don't know what to do with my frogs while I'm gone. I don't leave until the beginning of December so I still have some time to plan for my frogs, but I'm worried about what to do with them! I only have two tanks, which isn't a lot compared to most of you...
  19. Food & Feeding
    Will storing the fish flakes and dog food in the freezer kill/prevent mites from being added to my cultures? Thanks :)
  20. Food & Feeding
    I will soon have two Ranitomeya Variabilis and wanted to know how often and how many flies other users feed these little guys. The tank is seeded with springtails and I have several cultures of melanogaster going. Thank You