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  1. West
    Reptilian Nation Expo has moved from Fresno to the Tulare, CA!!! 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians and Arachnids will be for sale directly to the public from breeders and dealers. Enclosures and supplies will also be available at a low price. Educational shows and Exhibits. Touch live alligators, a...
  2. Epipedobates
    Hey guys,this is hugo form Taiwan,i set up my first viv about 2 months ago,2 little guys came to live at first of this month,i have been told they are pair of Santa Isabel aorund 4 months old. Can anyone tell which one is male,which one is female or too young to tell ? I really concern about...
  3. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Just wondering for those of you that breed/bred E. anthonyi/tricolor; do you pull your eggs or do you leave them in the viv for the male to transport? If you do pull do you move them off of a leaf without destroying the clutch?
  4. General Discussion
    Ruby poison dart frog (Epipedobates Parvulus). I have poked around DB obviously for a long time now but never hear about these guys at all. Are they available in the U. S. If so where can I be directed in getting some information on them as well as some prices. I may not be looking to buy now...