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  1. NorthEast
    I'm a science teacher at a high-needs, high-poverty middle school in Brooklyn. I work with great kids who need a whole lot of help. One of my constant challenges is teaching biology and other 'natural' sciences to students who have never been outside of the city and thus have never really seen...
  2. Science & Conservation
    Hi, Please download and distribute this FREE 125-page PDF "The Wild World of Frogs: A Self Guided Tour", which I created for your viewing pleasure and educational enjoyment. To save paper, I recommend viewing it on your computer or iPad and only printing those pages of most interest to you...
  3. Science & Conservation
    The SAVE THE FROGS! 1st Annual Frog Poetry Contest is officially underway! Both professional and amateur artists are welcome to enter the contest. Entry is free and there are cash prizes and other giveaways: Frog Poetry Contest | Cash Prizes Our goal is to have thousands of schools worldwide...
1-3 of 5 Results