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  1. Parts & Construction
    A couple of years on from their release of stepped waterfall tanks, ADA's put out one integrated vertical drip-wall design and a larger modular one. The open front isn't great for my purposes, but there are a couple of interesting ideas here. Setup videos:
  2. Parts & Construction
    Hello all, I am new to the forum as a member but have been reading for a while. I am about to start a 36" x 18" x 24" Exo Terra vivarium build and I have a few questions. I have searched the forum but have mixed answers, so here goes. 1) Waterfall, drip wall, pond or none? Why? 2) Great stuff...
  3. Parts & Construction
    Right after someone with a bit of knowledge of waterfalls and drip walls in vivs. I wanted to make a drip wall for my new day gecko tank as i read they like to drink moving water rather than static water, so got a water pump (pictured) and tried it out, but as my viv is so tall (90cm) its not...
  4. Parts & Construction
    Hi everyone, I've finished two new prototypes and wanted to show them off! These clearly aren't dart frog tanks but I figured the construction section would be a cool place to showcase this. The first is a desktop aquarium with the filter outflow that connects to a drip wall.Here is a preview...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    If humidity is maintained by misting, should a vivarium still have a water feature (pond, waterfall, drip wall...)? What should one keep in mind when building a water feature? WhAt should one avoid with water features?
  6. Parts & Construction
    I am building an 18"x24"x24" tall Exo Terra Vivarium to be the future home of a Azureus dart frog couple. First, I want to thank Raf for sharing information on how he built his tank. (you can see his build thread HERE) Here's what I started out with: Just to give anyone an idea on how much a...
  7. Parts & Construction
    I thought a Repti Flo 100 would pump water up about 12 inches and be sufficient to supply a drip line, since it supposed to run an 8" waterfall, but it's not - any recommendations on decent, reliable pumps? I'm constructing a new 45g and want to mkae sure my pump will run. :) Thanks :)
1-7 of 8 Results