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    Looking to get 10% off any animal at our booth? Maybe 10% off any supplies? Free totes? Click here to be taken to our coupons - just show this coupon on your smart phone, or print it out and take it to our booth, and get your discounts! -Jen
  2. Vendor Deals
    For the month of March, our FREE monthly online magazine is entirely about dart frogs! Dart frog sales! Dart frog articles! Coupons for things you can use for Dart frogs! Sent on the first of the month, The Reptile Times is always full of articles about the latest and greatest in husbandry...
  3. General Discussion
    I often feel like I'm spending a lot of money on frogs, and actually, I am! Many of our expenses could probably be greatly reduced or even eliminated. There are probably many supplies that we could get for free if we just knew where to look, so let's pile our secrets together and go get some...