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    My female having a climb in my biopod Aqua
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    Hey all, I'm Dean from Ottawa, Canada. I am a proffessional Firefighter, pays the bills and Im a sponsored competitive skeet shooter and certified instructor. I have been keeping reptiles for 20 years, but only recently took the plunge into bioactive setups and got my first pair of dart frogs...
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    Hello, I just finished another viv this past weekend and thought I would share it. It's nothing crazy, but I think the little blue dudes will really enjoy it. I used all NEHERP products (drainage layer, substrate, leaf litter) as always with a custom screen and glass top, dual Jungle Dawn 13W...
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    Well I have had this Exo terra sitting around for almost 2 years since being in school prohibited me from building but couldn't pass it up when petsmart had them for $100. I planning this build for either some Oyapoks or Lorenzo tincs. Im looking at building the background with epiweb and some...
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    Just excited for these new adults. "no, no pictures please" Sitting in front of a fog stream Getting cozy magnetic caves aren't just for arboreal frogs ** note they are in a 12" tall cage - the cave goes from floor to ceiling ** Thanks for looking! - Jen