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  1. Parts & Construction
    I’m basically done with the background but I’m having issues with missing spots. I know silicone won’t stick to silicone but what else am I supposed to use?? Would it be ok if in these few spots I use something else other than silicone to stick the rest of the coco fiber too?
  2. Parts & Construction
    Ok, so I'm challenging myself to create a ten gallon for a pair of thumbnail darts... the catch... I want this tank to seem spacious without being too bare. I've got my plant list ready for order, as well as two bags of ABG mix Here's a few pictures of what's been done so far.
  3. Parts & Construction
    I am trying to decide if I should stick with a coco fiber w/ cork background or maybe try doing a rock and cork background. Which do you think looks better? Also which do you think would be better for the frogs and fauna? I figured the coco fiber would be better for plants and mosses to grab...
  4. Parts & Construction
    So I'm planning on building a great stuff background that will cover an area roughly 4 feet x 6 feet. I was originally going to go the GE silicone route but realized how costly and time consuming that would be... I've been searching the forums but can't find a solid answer. What will be the...
  5. Parts & Construction
    Been having a really hard time finding a seller for coconut fiber here at Madeira Island.. :S Can I replace it with Pine bark? i.e. covering the background with it TIA, Pedro
  6. Parts & Construction
    What would you recommend for me on making my background. I am using the GS and silicone method and want to try something else out besides just the cocofiber that i used last time. What else would work good. I heard the sphagnum moss works well and can even start to regrow stuff if it is...
  7. Beginner Discussion
    Hi, I've recently been practicing building backgrounds, as I've never built one in any of my tanks before. I'm using the GS and Silicone and Coco Fiber method and was wondering (haven't found anything in search) if one could just press the coco fiber directly into the curing GS while its wet and...
1-7 of 7 Results