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  1. General Health & Disease Treatment
    *Note* I originally posted this under the beginners section (that's me) but realized its more a question for you veterans. PM me if there is a way to reassign or delete posts. Thanks! Welcome fellow and grizzled froggers! PDFs are something I've always been interested in and I finally popped...
  2. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Adding on to Bd, I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of pathogens that affect tropical poison frogs (dendrobatids in particular). This means I'm less interested in non-tropical/dendrobatid frog pathogens unless they are also known to occur in dendrobatids or other tropical frogs. I'm...
  3. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I am a somewhat newbie to breeding red eyed tree frogs. I met a RETF breeder on this forum and proceeded to meet him at a reptile show to buy his frogs because I was very interested in breeding. I bought 5 that day. 4 from him and 1 from another breeder. I already had 7 adults, 1 juvenile and...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Hi everyone, My name is Danielle and I am from SK, Canada. I have recently become the inadvertent owner of a young Pacific Chorus Frog, Pseudacris regilla. I am/was primarily a plant person but recently took on a new project building a paludarium which is to house plants and a few fish...
  5. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Should I be disinfecting the water from my vivarium before dumping it down the drain? I live in a rural area, so we get our water from a watershed and it goes into a septic tank. I heard that PDFs can be carriers but show no symptoms because of the high temperature that they live in. If anyone...
  6. Science & Conservation
    Amphibian Declines: Pollution Shown to Worsen Effects of Normal Parasites & Diseases Hi All, In 1990, the IUCN’s Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force, to which I belonged, was one of the few large scale efforts addressing what is now known as the “Disappearing Amphibian Crisis”. Today...
  7. Science & Conservation
    Some of you might be interested in this. If you keep Pacific Chorus Frogs, be aware that your less resilient dart frogs and other amphibians may be at risk for exposure to chytrid. Chorus Frog Blamed for Spreading Devastating Disease
  8. Science & Conservation
    Interesting article in ScienceDaily about a possible aid in the fight against B. dendrobatidis aka. chytrid, shared courtesy of TWI. Possible biological control discovered for pathogen devastating amphibians
  9. Science & Conservation
    The US Fish & Wildlife Service recently solicited comments on its proposal to list amphibians as injurious wildlife under the Lacey Act UNLESS certified free of chytrid fungus. You can read the letter I submitted to the USFWS here:
  10. Science & Conservation
    Hi, Please check out if you haven't yet. Lots of info on amphibian extinctions, threats to frogs, ways to help, etc... There are cool bumper stickers and SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirts as well, if you want to support their conservation activities. Frog Posters |...
1-10 of 11 Results