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carnivorous plants

  1. Parts & Construction
    Geosesarma bicolor vivarium build Exo Terra 24x18x18 Started Jan 1 2014 Fauna: G. bicolor crabs neocardinia shrimp Flora: Carnivorous plants- Nepenthes ampularia 'brunei red' Drosera sessifolia Drosera spatulata 'fraser island' Utricularia graminifolia Other plants-...
  2. Food & Feeding
    will isopods (rollie pollies) from my backyard go well in my viv or will they bring some sort of pathogen or hurt my frog? do i have to buy a specific type of isopod or will these suffice? also, i have a small venus flytrap that can go in my viv. will it hurt my frog (my frog is much bigger than...