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  1. Other frogs
    Hi All, First time poster here, I love dart frogs but sadly in my area and country I am not allowed to import them or keep as pets. I do own other animals like tarantulas, a crested gecko and a Kenyan sand boa so I am into exotic pets. I was lucky enough to find a Kassina Senegalensis the...
  2. Ranitomeya
    Hello! I am a hobbyist since 2016 and I am looking for a new challenge (now keeping only Dendrobates and Phyllobates species). I am looking into buying 0.0.5 Ranitomeya amazonica ” French Guiana” and Ranitomeya benedicta ”Shucushuyacu” each, who are around 4 months OOTW. Any tips or tricks that...
  3. Vendor Deals
    For the month of March, our FREE monthly online magazine is entirely about dart frogs! Dart frog sales! Dart frog articles! Coupons for things you can use for Dart frogs! Sent on the first of the month, The Reptile Times is always full of articles about the latest and greatest in husbandry...
1-3 of 4 Results