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  1. New Members Introductions
    Hello everyone, I have been keeping darts since January and got pretty stoked on it right away. I got pretty lucky and happened upon two pair of breeding adults (one pair of leucs and one pair of green sips) right away. so I have been turnin out tads left and right. mostly from the leucs. The...
  2. Parts & Construction
    hi there,this is my first post on dendroboards.i keep a few snakes and a bosk.this is my first attempt at a paulidarium.the viv is 4' long 18" deep 3' high.water will fill the bottom of the viv and be 4" are some pics of my progress so far.the site looks great im shure i'll get all the...
  3. General Discussion
    I have strained my relationships with women, because I chose my tank set ups and dart frogs to compromise the living space. With racks and tanks. Has your hobby and habits challenged you with keeping up with your own relationships?? Very curious to hear your experiences. What has your wife...
1-3 of 3 Results