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  1. Parts & Construction
    Started the build on 2/7/2021 Specs 24x18x18 Carolina Custom Cage Supplies for build NEHerp, Josh's Frogs, Amazon Fans from Tropical Breeze , Vents from Amazon Lighting Hyggar Programable Aquarium Led Light Plants from Glass box Tropicals, NEHerp, local Garden Center and Amazon Clean up crews...
  2. Plants
    Hello everyone, I have a created gecko vivarium and noticed a few mushrooms pop up in the past. I know that this is normal but the whole drainage has been taken over. What should I do? All of the drainage was originally brown btw
  3. New Members Introductions
    i recently got an azureus about a week ago kind of suddenly, and unfortunately did not realise how mch time i would need to prepare for him. also i am absolutely brand new at keeping poison dart frogs. i love him very much and want to do the absolute best for him, so ive been reading these...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Hello, I would like feed dusted springtails as a staple (for Reticulata) these will be cultured along side draft white ISO’s the tank of course will be seeded with springs aswell as seeded Isopods, and occasionally dusted mels will be supplied here and there.
  5. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Good Morning Everyone, I was fairly active on the forum a little over a year ago when researching how to build a vivarium for my two P. terribilis. Everyone was very helpful and the project turned out well. I wanted to share how the enclosure looks after 18 months of plant growth! Thanks...
  6. The Rainforest Exhibit with canopy and stand

    The Rainforest Exhibit with canopy and stand

    This is right after we placed the glass enclosure on the stand and then topping it with the canopy.
  7. The Rainforest Exhibit w/o the canopy

    The Rainforest Exhibit w/o the canopy

    The Rainforest Exhibit before being placed on the stand.
  8. Artist, MAG, next to The Rainforest Exhibit

    Artist, MAG, next to The Rainforest Exhibit

    Artist/Designer, MAG, standing next to The Rainforest Exhibit before it was placed on the stand.
  9. Rough Sketch of The Rainforest Exhibit

    Rough Sketch of The Rainforest Exhibit

    One of the original sketches used to design the exhibit.
  10. New Members Introductions
    Huge Vivarium 60"Tall x 60"Long x 48"Deep (with stand and Canopy 100" Tall! The Rainforest Exhibit is being built in the largest Amphibious Aquarium that Custom Aquariums has ever built! Without the stand and canopy it is 60"Tall x 60"Long x 48"Deep. With the canopy and stand it measures 100...
  11. Parts & Construction
    Part 1: Getting Started Recently I started a planted, bioactive vivarium build for a Chrysopelea paradisi (paradise flying snake). I'm only partially through the process at the moment, and it occurred to me that I might do a build thread. After keeping some larger snakes (morelia, boa, etc.)...
  12. New Members Introductions
    hey all Back in November I received my biopod AQUA, that i purchased over two years ago as a backer on kickstarter. First I did a bit of scaping, adding sphagnum moss, a pepperomia and a frosty fern to the living wall. I added substrate to the aquatic area (10 gallons) and substate to the false...