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  1. Plants
    I just received these three plants and they're in a makeshift ziploc terrarium until I can figure out a more permanent solution. Can anyone recommend growing conditions? I'm afraid that the sizemoreae will quickly outgrow any terrarium that I put it in, but my understanding is that they all need...
  2. Plants
    This is my first build i made myself. Any suggestions ? Plants are peacock fern, p emergenella, purple passion, marcgravia , rhaphidophora pachyphylla, oak ficus , begonia bandit, begonia burkilli, rabbit foot fern, pillow moss, callisia repens, pilea depressa, neoregalia
  3. Plants
    A couple months ago, I bought some plants from Josh's Frogs, which included the Begonia Plum Paisley. It was doing awesome! growing new leaves here and there, a leaf melting here and there. I trimmed off the melted leaves. It then surprised me with two beautiful white flowers. The flowers lasted...
  4. Plants
    Hi guys, with your help I finished my 18 cubed vivarium. I am now starting to get it established with plants. Fortunately my friend has a bonsai Nursery stocked with all kinds of rare and unusual plants which she gave me to stock this viv, which are all thriving except this Begonia. Can you...
  5. Plants
    Hi Guys: Does anyone have experience with these in terraria? I have heard: 1) The Begonia bipinnatifida does well--until the summer. It simply does not like summer heat (similar in this regard to B. polliensis, often incorrectly offered as B. incisa); 2) The chirita will do well, and even...
1-5 of 8 Results