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  1. New Members Introductions
    Hi everyone, glad to join such a thriving and lively group! I've always wanted a dart frog and recently made some space for a habitat, which I bought from someone nearby who wanted to sell his Azureus. I picked him up yesterday and on the way home, the Azureus was upside down! I thought he...
  2. General Health & Disease Treatment
    So I suspect that my dart frog has intestinal parasites since he eats very well is active but doesn’t gain any type of weight. Would it be better to use panacur or levacol? Currently panacur is out of stock on How often should I use them and the dosages for the levacol since it’s...
  3. General Health & Disease Treatment
    One of my azureus has this brown loop around his arms and has a brown hue to it’s body but very minimal. I just fed him today and he’s active and still eats but I’m still worried. Help?
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I love amphibians; I keep a couple species of salamanders. About 6 weeks ago I saw someone selling an adult azureus dart frog on craigslist with the enclosure included for $60 and jumped on it as I always wanted a frog, especially dart frogs. I go to pick up...
  5. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Just moved my Azureus (his name is Meelo) into his new house. Its an Exo Terra 45x45x60 cm, been cycled for about a month and a half now and it has a few granulated isopods and a steady colony of springtails. I know i definitely need more leaf litter, but its next to impossible to find it for...
  6. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Hi everybody, I've got a pair of azureus and I'm hoping to get them to breed. They are currently in a "dry season" as I wanted to wait to breed them until my semester ended. My semester is now over and I'm about to begin increasing the humidity again to get things going in the jungle. I've...
  7. Identification Forum
    This is a 7month old azureus. I was hoping male but now not so sure. What do you think? (I know its still young)
  8. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Hi I recently saw a frog tank online that mixed Dendrobates azureus with Adelphobates galactonotus. They was claiming that they wouldn’t hybridise as they are from a different genus. Is this correct? Thanks
  9. General Discussion
    Does anybody have advice on pairing azurues frogs? I have one that is about 14 months old, and I would like to have another in the tank. It's 40 gallons and heavily planted. Would it be bad to introduce a juvenile?
  10. Beginner Discussion
    I've had my azureus for a little over a month and a half now, in a ~17 gal bioactive viv. I've gotten to know his personality a bit and he's quite bold and energetic, usually he's up and about in the morning and all through the day. recently, in the last week or so, he's been kind of lethargic...
  11. New Members Introductions
    i recently got an azureus about a week ago kind of suddenly, and unfortunately did not realise how mch time i would need to prepare for him. also i am absolutely brand new at keeping poison dart frogs. i love him very much and want to do the absolute best for him, so ive been reading these...
  12. Beginner Discussion
    Hello Everyone! I am a newbie in Tampa, FL! I have one tank set up and cycling. 18x18x24 planning for a Azureus (eventually a pair) to go in there. It is a tadpole currently and is just beginning to show its hind legs. I have several springtail and isopod cultures going and I have added lots...
  13. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hi, all! I have been lurking here on dendroboard for years and made an account a few months ago as I prepared to get back into the hobby. A few years back I started out with a group of 5 R. variabilis in an 18x18x24 exo terra. Being my first build, I was never happy with the tank. Pair...
1-15 of 159 Results