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  1. Beginner Discussion
    Looking for ways I can improve my set up. I just got a trio of tinc azureus juveniles today, they are settling into my 18x18x24. My main concerns: 1. How can I make sure my hygrometer is accurate? Should I get a second one, to put in a different part of the tank? Currently my tank stays around...
  2. Identification Forum
    Hello I purchased these frogs about 5-6 months ago. And I’m really not sure how old they where when I got them but I was wondering if anyone could help maybe determine the sex of them. I know these aren’t the best photos and I can get more. They are camera shy…
  3. Parts & Construction
    Oh yea, its all coming together. I got my shipment of cork bark today from Maryland cork (10lbs of flats, 5lbs of small rounds). I'm quite impressed with the size of these pieces, I definitely will have a lot left over after my two 18x18x24 builds. I have another week or so before the rest of...
1-5 of 6 Results