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  1. Beginner Discussion
    hi, i’m new here, and i can’t find anything on super tiger monkey frogs and blue dart frogs together, so can i have them together in a 40 gallon paludarium? also, will they eat my garden snails?
  2. Science & Conservation
    Amphibian Declines: Pollution Shown to Worsen Effects of Normal Parasites & Diseases Hi All, In 1990, the IUCN’s Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force, to which I belonged, was one of the few large scale efforts addressing what is now known as the “Disappearing Amphibian Crisis”. Today...
  3. Science & Conservation
    Hi All, I’ve recently posted information concerning a petition that seeks Endangered Species Act protection for 53 US herps. Many readers applauded the news, but some were concerned about potential limitations on their ability to keep protected species. As they correctly pointed out...
  4. Science & Conservation
    Hi All, Decades of work in zoos and the pet trade has, I believe, given me a unique perspective on the contributions that each can make to amphibian conservation. Over the years, I have been greatly influenced by the work of private keepers who, in some cases, bred rare species long before...
1-4 of 4 Results