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  1. Ranitomeya
    I have heard that some (maybe all) Ventrimaculata are reclassified as Amazonica, but I have seen French Guyana offered for sale as R. Variabilis French Guyana. Is this correct?
  2. Parts & Construction
    Intro Here's the build log of my overly-ambitious, very expensive, potentially unrealistic but very enjoyable project. The goal was to create a display Paludarium that united the worlds of aquascaping and vivaria, in an environment famous for accommodating both practices. I have always loved...
  3. Beginner Discussion
    Hi! I'm a beginner in the hobby, or maybe not even that, as I don't yet have frogs. I have been planning a vivarium for years and just now got around to building it. It's not completely finished and definitely needs time to settle before I add frogs anyway, but I'm very excited to do so in maybe...
  4. Ranitomeya
    Finally got 5 of this guys in the vivarium a couple of weeks ago. Should be a 3.2 and they are calling all the time. Took the chance to grab some proper pics this weekend after a bit of glass cleaning. ;)
  5. General Discussion
    I have a viv setup with three 'French Guiana' R. amazonica. I believe I have two females and one male. I setup a second viv next to the old one and got a pair (unsexed) of 'Iquitos' for it. They seemed relaxed until a few hours ago when the male in the old viv started calling. Since then, both...
  6. Ranitomeya
    Hi All, New frogger here - very first post! I am interested in working with R. amazonica (arena blanca) and I wanted to get a few instructions (pictures are helpful) on how to keep a group of unsexed/juvenile froglets in an inexpensive plastic tub setup. Specifically ideas on modifying a tub...
  7. Beginner Discussion
    I am new to this and I am looking for a little guidance on building my first viv. I have been reading up on this for a month now, and I finally feel like I am beginning to grasp what is required for a nice viv. FYI, I am still a good distance away from starting this. It will be 24x18x24. It...
  8. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    So it's finally happened:D Yesterday I went to a reptile show in Malmö and got myself a pair of Ranitomeya amazonica "French Guyana". I couldn't be happier, they are totally fearless and seems to have settled in already. The little buggers are so cute I can't stop smiling, I've been looking...
1-8 of 13 Results