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  1. General Discussion
    I recently noticed that my male auratus that has been calling for ~ 1 month started bullying one of my other frogs that I assume is also male. I noticed him jumping on top of the other frog who doesn't seem to defend himself, so there is no wrestling and starting yesterday I also noticed him...
  2. IMG_0018.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- adult females during a serious contest over hierarchy after being moved to a new vivarium. They calm down inside of a day but must be watched to ensure no animal is bullied for too long.
  3. IMG_0020.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- adult females battle enthusiastically to re-establish hierarchy after being moved to a new vivarium. Different from the occasional bout in long-term quarters, these matches can be protracted, technical and persistent, going on for several minutes.
  4. IMG_6511.jpg

    Female P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- excited during a feeding frenzy, adult females during breeding season will often pounce on or spar one another over prime feeding grounds. These bouts are usually quite brief and instigated by one or two dominant animals.
  5. General Discussion
    In a lot of posts about combining species and different age frogs I hear that "frogs can be aggressive to each other." What does this aggressive behavior look like? I had one of my 5 month old frogs sit on a smaller 4 month old for 10 minutes until I urged him off. Is this aggressive behavior...
  6. General Health & Disease Treatment
    We have 50 gallon vivarium that contained a proven sexed pair of powder blue tincs. Over the last couple of days, the two remained separated from each other voluntarily. They had normally been close by each other, occasionally courting. We recently cleared out some overgrown plants, but no major...
1-6 of 6 Results