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  1. Parts & Construction
    I'm planning on 3d printing an exo terra cover and designed this simple cover : exo terra cover 36 x 18 in / 90 x 45 cm by Wombr56 the print is too big for a printer, so I'll have to split it into multiple prints. Anyway, for those who might already have experience with this, do you have any...
  2. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Just thought I'd share a little grow out tank I made for my vanzolinii froglets. I used a 5.5 gallon tank from pet supply plus $14.99 then 3d printed the upper and lower vents and door mounts/hinges. I had some scrap acrylic sheets from another build. I plan on keeping just cuttings in it and...
  3. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I wanted to start a thread to post my various tanks and frogs pics as they develop and change over time so here it is! I will try to periodically post new photos. Thanks for taking a look!
1-3 of 3 Results