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  1. Parts & Construction
    Hello, I am starting two new 20 gallon verts to replace my existing 20 gallon verts. I currently have 2 Current USA led lights that span the two tanks but they do not provide enough light to the lower portions of the tanks. I am thinking about going back to Jungle Dawn leds as I have always...
  2. Parts & Construction
    This is my very first vivarium build. After doing a lot of research online I just went for it! It's a 20 gallon tall tank and I'm not sure what species of darts I want to put in it yet. If you guys have any suggestions based on my set up please chime in! I'm open to anything! I do need help on...
  3. make over

    20 gallon
  4. make over

    20 gallon
  5. 20 gallon tall vivarium

    my first vivarium partially planted
  6. Parts & Construction
    Is there a company that sells pre made glass lids with some venting? I have a 20g build I am going to start over the next several months and don't really want to use a versa top. Doesn't fit well and flies escape. If not does anyone know a good easy way to make one?
  7. Parts & Construction
    I made such a mess, everything looked horrible. I almost gave up but I'm glad I finished it. Hoping to add a dart in here at some point. (will update with the dirty construction pictures in a bit)
  8. Parts & Construction
    Hi everyone, I have already started building my tanks and doing as much research as possible to prepare for my darts that I will hopefully be getting in August. I'm planning on putting a few leucs in the 20 gallon, and eventually some imitators in the 10 gallon vert. Here is the price list...
  9. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I enjoy looking at everyone else's vivs and frogs so much, that I figured I should share my own. My frogs have plumped up (which I'm way excited about) and are about 9 months OTW. About the frogs: 3 Ancon Hills, almost 9 months OTW, one bold, one skittish, skinny (and fast!), and one that is...
1-11 of 11 Results