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General Information

Clock Vivarium

I had a non working grandfather clock I had already modified for an art project. I decided to gut it completely and create a Vivarium for tree frogs. I also cut out the hollow bottom portion to make a smaller viv for darts.

I used spray foam, caulk and flex seal to water proof. I cut 3” holes on the sides and top that I covered with mesh for ventilation. I also covered the hole from the click access on the back with mesh. I drilled holes for the cords of the lights to be added. I put LED strip lights around the entire tank, then sealed the holes. For the top portions, I weatherstripped the existing glass doors. For the bottom, I made custom sliding doors with plexiglass and track.

I added a large tree branch that filled the upper portion, along with other limbs, branches and pots put in the spray foam. It was all covered in silicone and coconut fiber, then moss added. I’ve got bromeliads, ferns, begonia, pothos, and pilea throughout.