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Default Should I be Worried? Dark colors Red Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

Hi all this is my second thread so first off Id like to thank the members of this board for all their quick responses and general helpfulness, you guys rock!

Now down to serious business. I have two mature male RETFs in a 30 gallon hexagon tank (old fish tank conversion). Nothing fancy, just a few live plants and a few beautiful frogs. I know they are both recently matured males because they've both recently developed nuptial pads and one has started calling fairly frequently.

I have a concern with the non calling male, however. He is ever so slightly smaller than the calling male (although I wouldn't count this as significant, he probably is just a smaller guy). However perhaps I am wrong. The main problem I may be having with him, and its really just a curious concern right now, is his color. When both frogs are asleep during the day they both exhibit that awesome lime green color we all know and love. However the small male, very consistently when awake, exhibits a darker olive green color. Now I have come home late at night from school and turned on the lights to their enclosure, at maybe 10-11pm when my room is completely dark, and both frogs have been awake. When lights are off and they are awake they both exhibit this dark green color, which makes sense since its darker at night =P.

However no matter what time of day it is, if lights are on and the frogs are up, one almost always (98% of the time) is bright and lime green and happy, and one is darker.

My question is, is this normal? I have attached pictures of the darker frog as well as their tank. Is it normal for one frog to consistently show his darker coloration when awake, even if lights are on and the other is showing a much lighter color?

The tank sits in my room with no supplemental heating, however its hot here in Albuquerque, especially in this adobe house. I measured the temp and humidity in there a few days ago and it was about 82 degrees (a few degrees higher than the room temp) and 87% humidity (the large water bowl in the tank I think evaporates and keeps humidity very high). I spray the tank with ro/di water AT THE VERY LEAST once every few days.

I have never noticed any behavioral signs from either frog that indicate a health problem. Both eat very well and have grown tremendously in the 3-4 months that I have had them. Both sleep most of the day like lazies and are up almost as soon as lights are out. They both act perfectly normal and healthy.

I know these guys darken up to almost a red color when stressed, so do you think he is stressed or am I worrying about nothing?

Any pointers on how I could improve their cage would also be appreciated. I plan to drill holes and put metal vents (at least two) right above the substrate in the tank to provide air flow and cross ventilation. As of right now I don't think my makeshift lid is providing enough ventilation. When I do this I will probably foam in a greatstuff background with grape vines and cork bark and such too.

Pictures consist of the darker frog, a comparison to him and his buddy and pictures of the enclosure/lid. Thanks in advance for your help guys this forum is awesome!

P.S. Ive never noticed any signs of aggression between them (not that it isnt possible) So I dont think thats an issue
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