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Old 05-31-2020, 09:49 PM
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Default Tillandsia Amira


Has anyone successfully kept tillandsia amira in dart frog vivariums. I've been offered a couple but want to make sure they suitable for a viv environment before I spend some time trying to place/ mount them.

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Default Re: Tillandsia Amira

I struggle with tillansias in general in vivarium conditions. I haven't had much air circulation in my tanks in the past though and they definitely need to breathe. Never seen that species though.
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Old 06-04-2020, 05:11 PM
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Default Re: Tillandsia Amira

I'm not familiar with amira specifically, so all I can offer is my rule of thumb.

In general, the fuzzy Tillandsias like a lot more air movement, and while they can be placed in a tank, they definitely need to be away from the misters, and not get soaked regularly or they'll rot. They're tricky in tanks. The smooth-leaved, glossy Tillandsias do much better, and I've had great success with dyeriana and cyanea. They do well in the same conditions as Neoregelias, in my experience.
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Default Re: Tillandsia Amira

Has anyone successfully kept tillandsia amira in dart frog vivariums
Well, I don't keep frogs but I have a room full of herp vivs that resemble frog vivs in many respects. I've accumulated a bit of tilly experience. Some successful, some not. Some very much not.

"Amira" is not a species, it looks to be a cultivar. It's pretty unusual to speak of Tillandsia cultivars, and in particular, to speak of cultivars without also referencing the parent species (e.g., T. ionantha "Fuego"). Two points to what might look a pointless point: 1) probably nobody here has kept "Amira", and 2) if you want to deep-talk tillies, you gotta learn species. My wife keeps about 7-8 kinds, and even just among the grey-fuzzies, the watering needs vary 2 to 3-fold.

the fuzzy Tillandsias ... They're tricky in tanks.... ... smooth-leaved, glossy Tillandsias do much better
Exactly my experience. The greyer and fuzzier, the brighter light, more airflow, and less humidity they like. They'd definitely do well in some herp vivs - just not dart vivs. Maybe something more like a montane Mexican rattlesnake viv would suit them, is my guess. I've kept those (before my planted viv days) and I think their cultural requirements share tremendous overlap.

Green and not fuzzy (glossy, I guess - I never thought of it like that, but - yeah, sure, that works) is what you're after, if you keep frogs and want to try to keep a Tillandsia alive with them.

Right now I've got several T. bergeri in my mid-moist, mid-bright, high-ventilation vivs. Honestly I think I'm keeping them a bit dry for their liking, I may need to either move them to some of my moister vivs, or tweak my x/day misting, and maybe reduce the duration of each bout; the snakes would be OK with that, I think, and that's what I'll base my decision on. Alternatively, I could try flipping them over. I mounted them "leaves down" for drainage; I think if they were "leaves up" they'd stay wet longer (but hopefully not long enough to rot!) and I wouldn't have to change anything else. Hmm, sounds like a fun little experiment - I have several bergeri and they pup like absolute fiends.

T. cyanea, , T. baileyi, and T. bulbosa are other good choices for us. I looked at some pics of that "Amira" cultivar. Just phenotypically, it presents as one that could tolerate viv conditions. Honestly it looks pretty large though...of the full range of tilly diversity, most are out-of-bounds for vivs either due to large size or xeric adaptation, or both (e.g., T. xerographica, which my wife keeps successfully, "just loose in the house" in a very bright room, with a weekly hour-long RO-water soak in a large bowl, and otherwise absolutely nothing).

Check out Tropiflora: https://tropiflora.com/collections/tillandsias

Here's what they say, for example, about one of their bulbosa morphs:
From Guatemala. This cute little plant about 4 inches tall has a bright green bulbous base and twisted, wiry leaves that blush bright red when blooming. The inflorescence is a short scape with red branches and deep blue flowers. Grow shaded and moist for best results. Forms attractive clumps, can be grown hanging from a string. A must for every Tillandsia fancier. Good for terrariums too.
Good luck!

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