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Old 06-30-2019, 11:54 PM
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Default Plants for 18x18x24" exo terra

Hello, I'm starting on my next (2nd) vivarium and wanted to run my design ideas past all of you before I get too far down the rabbit hole.

I'm planning some Ranitomeya imitator, but not sure what locale, the frogs are a few months away...

I have an 18x18x24" exo terra, I'm planning to keep the background that it came with, siliconing the edges and putting sphagnum moss in the silicone so it looks nicer than plain silicone (thinking about doing silicone and moss in an erratic pattern to cover the background as well). I also want to carve out a place or two up the top to hold soil for some trailing vines (Peperomia prostrata, perhaps?).

I have some mopani wood that I will arrange to give some structure to the bottom third of the tank.

I'll be doing a false bottom (hydro balls) with a screen separating the substrate from the false bottom and a thick layer of leaf litter on top of the substrate

For plants I'm planning the following:
Bromeliads: 2 fireball bromeliads and another large bromeliad I found at home depot (I can take pictures and show if that helps), along with a pup from the large bromeliad. I was planning to mount these to the background at varying heights. (Already have these guys and want to use them all if possible)

I've got a dracaena warneckii on hand(will this stay small enough for my viv? I'm doubtful, but worst care it's a nice house plant :-))

Other plants: I'm thinking the following:*
Peperomia prostrata(a couple of them, throughout the tank)
Pellionia pulchra,*
Begonia boweri,
Selaginella uncinata,*
ficus pumila,*
fittonia verschaffeltii,*
Pearcea hypocyrtiflora 2-3 of them.

Are any of these ones that wouldn't work easily in this size tank?

Thanks in advance for the help
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