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Old 09-21-2019, 10:46 PM
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Default First viv! 29 gal

Just finished planting my first viv after lurking about for a bit. Did reef tanks for many years but sold everything when I moved from NY to NC. Haven't had any tanks for the past 3 years. Came across PDFs almost by accident and now I can't stop thinking about them. Was never someone who was timit about trying new things and this seemed like a good idea.

Started off with a petco $1/gal sale and went for the 29 gal along with a habitat kit from Josh's Frogs along with some great stuff and a big cork flat for the background.

Just kind of went for it with the background. Decided to go with three sides and ended up having some helpers during the process.

End result after coco fibre, drainage and substrate and first placement of wood. No plants at that point. Using a Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED. Had some extra pieces of manzanita wood from my parrot so had some options.

Decided it was time to get it was planted so ordered a plant package from Josh's Frogs. Not 100 % on the placement or if the plants sent will stay but it is a good starting point.

Here is what came in the package:
Ajuga Chocolate Chip
Pilea depressa "Tiny Tears"
Davallia tyermanii "White Rabbit's Foot Fern"
Spathiphyllum Liana
Syngonium podophyllum
Ficus pumila "Creeping Fig"
Pellionia "New Emerald Green"
Pilea cadierei "Aluminum"
Aglaonema "Wishes"
Pteris cretica "Silver Ribbon Fern"

5-Bromeliads - Tiger cub, and 4 others that I haven't found the names for yet.

Next will be FF cultures, seeding the viv with the springtail cultures I have growing and hopefully some frogs in a month or so!
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Old 09-29-2019, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: First viv! 29 gal

Two week update. Adding info so I can track growth and changes.

Two week photos.

Comparison from two weeks to today.

Slightly changed the bromeliad locations, adjusted the wood and also removed the sphagnum moss while adding more leaf litter. I think was making my soil too wet. Can definitely see some plant growth already! Can't wait to see it all grown in! Still no growth on the raptor but maybe she is a late bloomer!

I removed the Chocolate ajuga and have it growing in a small pot until it can get a little larger. Was very hard to see with the leaf litter. Hopefully it will grow out enough to put it back in. Only 1 or 2 of the Pilea depressa seems to be growing. May take out the others to get a jump start on growth. The syngonim podphyllium, Spathiphyllum, Pellionia, Aglaonema and Pilea cadierei all are showing growth and new leaves! The two ferns look like they are growing but very slowly. Might allow the creeping fig to go up the wood and start to pin it on the background to fill in the back. Depends on how well it grows.

Seeded more springtails in today from my culture being that I probably threw out alot with the moss and have a 1 week old FF culture growing. Just waiting for it to boom to start the next one.

Still trying to figure out the humidity levels with a versa top. Took the plastic part out and put screening on the front and back over the 1" gaps that the glass leaves. Gauge still shows 95-98 but no condensation or standing water on the plants. Think the gauge is no good. The air doesn't feel too humid when I am in there. Temps range from 74-78 during the day. Most posts I found say that the gauges all stink and to go with how it feels and the plants look. Going to try to not look at the gauge so much and just use the force. Not very comfortable doing that (coming from reef tanks where I had to test alot).

Been researching frog species and am trying to make a list of what I would be open to. Would be a group of 2-3 juveniles with the possibility of splitting up any if there is aggression. My wife decided that even though she likes them, she didn't want to hear leucs calling down the road. So out that one goes!

Currently researching these options as my first frog species to keep. Still doing alot of research still so the list is short but didn't want to lose any names. Suggestions are very very welcome.

Leucs - May still try to persuade her!
Auratus Costa Rican Green & Black
Tinc. Cobalt/Powder Blues
Tinc Patricia
Ranitomeya amazonica Iquitos
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Old 09-30-2019, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: First viv! 29 gal

Lovely tank!
For frogs:
The auratus will likely hide A LOT (at least if there like mine), may not be the best option for your first frogs
Hard to go wrong with Leucs...
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Old 10-10-2019, 02:46 PM
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Default Re: First viv! 29 gal

Took some close-ups of the plants before misting. Also added two 40mm silent fans to circulate air and helps to maintain the humidity to 70-75 without misting.

Loving the color on the Aglaonema! Wish the photo showed how vibrant it seems to lose quality when uploaded.

Ribbon fern is slowing growing.

Hard to see but some of the broms are started to redden.

Starting my 3rd fly culture today and hoping to get some froglets in just over a week when we go to Repticon! Can't wait!
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