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Old 02-27-2007, 11:49 AM
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Default observations on E. hahneli

While I have only had these frogs for about six and a half weeks now, I have noticed a few interesting behaviours and features of this frog which I have decided to make note of and share with you all. No doubt the same information can be found in Remco’s article on this frog, in far superior detail! Nevertheless, these are my observations on this frog.

Firstly: appearance. These frogs have dark black/brown bodies with a mild degree of dark brown mottling on their dorsal surface, the lateral surface being almost black. The dorsal and ventral surfaces are separated from the frogs lateral surfaces by a single yellow/white line which run dorso-laterally from the tip of the frogs rostrum terminating caudally as it blends with the frogs rear “flash mark”, a feature to be found at the proximal end of the pelvic limb. There is also a broken ventro-lateral line which originates from the caudal portion of the mandible and terminates by blending with the frogs front “flash mark” which can be found as a large yellow spot at the proximal end of the thoracic limb. The legs of the frog are a lighter brown on their lateral/dorsal surfaces, yet are a dark brown or black medially/ventrally, with sky blue markings. These blue markings cover the whole of the ventral surface of the frog, though fade out to a paler blue or even white as one travels more dorsally. There is a third yellow “flash mark” seen at the joint between the femur and the tibiafibula.

The frogs ventral surface can clearly be seen in the following picture:

And its dorsal surface can be seen here:

I have NUMEROUS other pictures of this frog from a variety of angles, as no doubt you are aware!

As far as size goes, the male is considerably smaller and of lighter build than the female. I have not measures these frogs to give an accurate account of its length, but this information is available from other sources.

In so far as habits and behaviours are concerned, this frog seems to make the full use of its vivarium. They may spend the day foraging in the leaf litter, or cunningly finding perches at the top of the viv wherefrom they can pick at the flies as they migrate upwards. They can be bold at times, sitting out on leaves and actively hunting for food while I am present. One strange characteristic is the way in which all the frogs will find leafy perches out in the open come night time. I have noticed two or three may group together dispersed among the spaces between leaves of a single bromeliad.

As far as sexual behaviour is concerned, only one of the three males I have has started calling. His call varies between two distinct calls: a three chirp burst which is a courtship call, and a continuous clicking which is a territorial call. The calls are quite quiet, and are like the clicks or chirps of crickets.
The following is a poor quality video of the male calling. He is quite shy and will not call often if I am paying particular attention to him. While he calls through the day, he often has a good chorus in the morning.

Unfortunately you cannot see the frog well in this video, but you can hear him!
A couple of times I have noticed the female very jerkily approaching him as he calls, but this never leads anywhere: he will normally have stopped by the time she reaches him. The call is unobtrusive and very pleasant…It always makes me smile upon hearing it. In preparing this mini “article”, my computer has been clicking away while the video uploads. This has drawn the female right up to the glass next t my laptop (my hahneli viv sits on my desk) It has also caused the males to climb higher up the viv and assume perches!

In summary, this is both a gorgeous and fascinating frog. I bought it expecting a small brown frog which would entertain me through its behaviour rather than appearance, yet it ahs rewarded me by keeping me enthralled by both!
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Old 03-08-2007, 11:52 AM
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Heres a couple of updated photos of their viv:

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Old 03-11-2007, 03:26 PM
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Great photos and writeup on a very interesting species of dartfrog!
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Old 03-11-2007, 05:42 PM
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thankyou ops: I love these-far nicer than I had thought they would be! Not that I wasnt expecting beautiful frogs...just the picture on the site I bought them from was NOT flattering!
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