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Old 02-12-2020, 03:35 PM
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Default Water feature critters!

So I love paludariums/vivs with large water features, but the water features in both of the tanks I'm considering are rather small (under 5 gallons) so keeping any species of fish is pretty well out of the question, that being said I've had some success with snails, and have been considering adding a small species of critter to fill a role similar to my isopods do on land (eating detritus and left overs etc.)

I've considered adding some brine shrimp, but one that I have been toying with is triops, I have wanted triops from the time I was little and from the little research I've done they seem to like to snack on algae and dead plant matter, my question is has anyone tried this? Would they attempt to snack on my frogs? The tank in question houses my three WTF's and they love to go soak in the water feature in the mornings, from anyone's experience would the triops attempt to make a snack of my frogs?

I'm still relatively new to bio active, I've been keeping amphibians for over a decade but only been doing bio active for a year, I know with any cohabitation it has to be something that is heavily researched and benefits all the species no matter how big or small so I thought I'd join up here and get some opinions!

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Old 02-12-2020, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: Water feature critters!

Whites Tree Frogs are a "dry frog" . One of their original 'common' names is the Desert Tree Frog. This is especially true for Australian Whites. Indonesian Whites can tolerate wetter circumstances - if things remain fresh and clean.

I realize that the bio active modality is very popular today. But I do have concerns for the blanket generality that has become a common theme. All Blanket Modalities in animal husbandry have gaps in dimensionality that concern me.

In a moist habitat that enables a nitrogen cycle, with lush plant life, housing diminutive animals in spare count habitation, as with small bodied darts, it seems to be quite successful. Still I think that stewardship in a closed system is wise. There isnt a care free modality.

Inverts that have an extremely limited lifespan in fresh water are not suitable for where Any Frog goes to seek osmotic hydration. Neither are snails or any fauna that increases the ammonia level or microbial populuce of the hydration feature

Perhaps a nitrogen cycle in a feature could be enabled, it is still not without risk. "Harmless" protozoans and bacteria species can become pathogenic with immune compromises.

The concept of One Year, or "A Few Months Now" is Not Long Enough to Determine Soundness Of A Situ

Unless your Whites have ample, completely dry areas to escape contact moisture they will become sick. Either by an Aeromonas or other microbial opportunism infection or, if wetness is severe, edema, noted in whites kept in too wet situ.
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Old 02-12-2020, 06:02 PM
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Default Re: Water feature critters!

It should be remembered also that Whites Tree Frogs usually defecate in their water feature. They are a large frog and it is copious. It is too much waste to be processed in a habitat-compatible "bio active" function.

You have 3 Whites.

Although you are invested in the bioactive modality, I would recommend a removable/replenishable hydration feature. It should be changed daily whether tainted with stool boluses or not. Twice daily is optimum, so make it easy to sevice/remove/replace. Think of it as Drinking Water standing in a warm place. Dawn and Dusk, the only times they should be misted is a good time to replenish the feature.

In doing so you have "management purchased" health insurance for your White's Tree Frogs.
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Old 02-13-2020, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: Water feature critters!

I have a small water feature in my A. dorsalis vivarium. These are frogs that normally live on the water's edge, so quite different from your frogs. Regardless I'll share my experience with the water feature.

There are snails and Asellus aquaticus in the water feature to help manage any waste that drops in there (mainly flies and frog poo). There is also a sizeable population of water fleas and copepods in there. Plants-wise I keep Laevigatum limnobium and Cryptocorynes in there to absorb and recycle any Nitrogen and other nutrients that get released by the snails and whatnot. The Cryptocorynes are also for egg deposition for the frogs. Mostly I just have to remove some of the L. limnobium every two months as they tend to start overcrowding the water after some time.

So far this has worked very well for me, although I have to admit that the setup hasn't been running for very long yet.
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