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Old 05-17-2019, 03:18 PM
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Default ? from my perch, watching for movement...

So I am currently perched about six feet away from my vivarium. Being quiet and keeping a close eye on it. I haven't seen my froglet 48 hours now. My D. Auratus popped his front legs 8 days ago. As soon as I noticed that, I moved him to a small container within the vivarium thinking I might be able to help acclimate him to his environment. But two days ago I noticed he was already clinging to the side of the container. I literally ran to go get my phone so I could take a picture of him because I had not yet been able to do so, and he was gone. He is somewhere inside of the enclosure. I created a new small bowl with water and the moss in case he needs to get back to it. I haven't seen him once. I really don't want to rip this thing apart and disturb him. As much work as I put into building his vivarium and raising him, my gut tells me that they have lived on their own for millions of years and I shouldn't intervene. I still want to see him. Opinions? There are definitely isopods and springtails with a good 45 plus day population in the tank, so there is appropriate size food at least. How shy are these guys?
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Old 05-17-2019, 04:50 PM
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Default Re: ? from my perch, watching for movement...

Sounds like every auratus I have ever owned :-) I don't usually let a freshly-morphed froglet into a big tank like this for exactly this reason. Now that he is in there, though, there is probably little reason for concern, especially since you have populated the tank with springtails and you food in there for him/her. It sounds like he is also the only one in there, so you don't need to worry about aggression. You might not see the little fella for a while and that maybe fine. One thing you could do is to put a piece of fruit someplace where you can see it well (but maybe still toward the back so that the little guy feels comfortable). You can replace the piece of fruit periodically as it gets less effective at attracting flies. That will get the froglet used to where the flies congregate. I would feed next to piece of fruit at the same time every other day so that he can get used to it. You can eventually stop with the fruit when he doesn't need it anymore (he is growing and you see him more often without it). I would also feed minimally for a bit so that he might want to come out when you feed. He just needs to learn the ropes and he will :-)

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Old 05-17-2019, 05:49 PM
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Default Re: ? from my perch, watching for movement...

Thank you. You're correct that "he's" alone. Ill be patient and will set up a feeder spot.
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Old 05-17-2019, 08:24 PM
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Default Re: ? from my perch, watching for movement...

Just another note of encouragement. My three auratus juveniles were almost impossible to see or find for probably 3-4 months after I moved them into their first tank, and it was only a 12x12x18! It was relatively densely planted and they were REALLY shy. I went weeks without seeing them for weeks sometimes. Eventually they started showing their faces a little at feeding times, and now, 14 months later and in a larger tank with even more hiding spots, I see them all the time! I'm sure some of it depends on individual personalities, but it also just seems to take a while for frogs to get comfortable with the tank and you. Even more so if you have them in a high-traffic area. But like most animals they seem to adjust just fine in time and you'll probably see them more. At least at dinner time!

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