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Old 09-10-2007, 11:42 AM
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Default My plan

Hello all, i've been posting quite a bit and doing a lot of research as if im to keep dart frogs i do want to do it properly. Im pretty sure i've got my dad talked round, its just a matter of time as he wont let me get a viv straight away.
Now as for my plan well, here goes...
I intend on a 25 inch long tank with a width of 13 inches and a height of about 23 inches, that approximatley 18 gallons. I would like to keep the santa isabel E. Anthyoni, a simple question regarding this matter is how many could i keep? And what ratio should i go for?
I have decided for substrate i will most likely have a bottom layer betwee an inch or 2 inches of aquarium pea gravel, a middle layer made up of a mix containing orchid bark, cocunut chips, sphagnum moss, coco peat, and oak leaves. And a top layer of moss and leaf litter, what moss should i use? And what leaf litter?
For a pool i intend to have part of the substrate which contains only a bottom layer of aquarium pea gravel in which i shal scrape out a slopeing pit 1 inch at the deepest point, i shall have this against part of the front glass aswell. Would that method be ok? And would i be ok useing bottled spring water?
I shall use a hand mister say, once a day, would i best filling it with bottled spring water, or with mineral water?
Haveing left a therometer at the spot where the viv would be for the past 2 days, the average day time temparature is 20 degrees celcius, which led me into thinkin that in the middle of january at 4 in the morning it would probably be rather cold, so i have decided on getting a heat mat, i shall obviously get a heat mat which is smaller than the viv an keep it just at one side, i was thinking 11 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches, that ok? I am most likely to go for a flourescent tube but im unsure as to what size would be best, and what wattage i should go for. I am not going to use any background as i quite like my wallpaper lol, the way i see it is wth my aquarium people said back grounds i tried loads and was never pleased, removed the background, yes theres a few wires on sight but in my opinion its loads better.
With regards to planting im lookin into Pothos, Peperomias, Lipstick Plant, Goldfish Plant, Pelliona, Fittonia, Possibly a small table Fern, i intend to get all my plants at garden centres which makes things easier. Are their any orchids i could get at a cheap price that would be ok? What about bromeliads, am i likely to gind them at a garden centre? do they need planting against back? Is this planting ok? how heavily should i plant?
Im still rather unsure as to how to go about ventilateing the viv so if anyone could help that would be majorly appreciated.
Regards, James

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Old 09-10-2007, 08:48 PM
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Well lets start with water shall we? Bottled water? Well i used distilled water that is much better for the frog ( never kept E. Anthyoni). As for a heating mat i dont think its neccecary if you have the right type of lighting. Pothos does well in a viv from what ive heard but idk about the other types of plants. Broms? ive heard that if you get them from lowes or another place like that and they are already thriving they can go into shock so you might want to make sure nothing like that happens... sorry i couldnt answer all your questions.
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Old 09-11-2007, 04:42 AM
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Bottled spring water is perfectly fine to use, much better than tap, and I wouldn't use mineral water. Ideally people use distilled and reverse osmosis water, because it's water in it's simplist form, hydrogen and oxygen. I use bottled water too, simply because i've always got a case of water lying around, and if i need to add water it's readily available. No harm will be done to the frogs from using bottled water.

I can't answer your questions on the Anthyonis, as i've never kept them, or on the plants, as there are much better people to do so on this board. Your basic setup sounds fine though, some of the common mosses used are java and riccia, and common leaf litter used is magnolia, oak, and sea grape, although they're only the common ones because they decompose much slower than other leaves, not because they're the only ones you can use. You can collect your own leaves as long as you know it's from an area without pesticides.

You shouldn't have any problems not having a background, I like the look of tanks without them more too, especially when they're more of a centerpiece than against a wall. Some people use suction cups to mount broms on the glass, I've got like 8 or 9 broms in my tank and none are mounted on a background. You just can't let their stolon be constantly wet.

Sounds like you're off to a good start, hope you enjoy your first viv.

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