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Old 03-05-2006, 06:29 AM
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Default Big & Bold

I know this has all been asked before, so you don't have to remind me of that. And yes I already went through the archives. They didn't satisfy me.

I have a special fascination with the BIG dart frogs out there... I've seen some giant tincs that simply make me drool. So the first question is what species tend to be the biggest? Or is it really just a crap shoot to get some of the giant specimens that we see on here once in a while?

Secondly, I would like my next group of frogs to be a little more animated. Don't get me wrong, I love my terribilis, but they only seem to move when I put flies in or when it's time for them to bunker down for the night. I'd like to see frogs bouncing and frolicking around the cage once in a while without me prompting them to do it, you know?

So that being said, is there a species that personifies both these traits? Or is that not something commonly found? The bigger and fatter they get, the more sedentary they get? And to throw a curve here, I'm not interested in leucs. I have nothing against them personally, so you leuc lovers out there, please don't attack me. It's just that I already have a trio of yellow frogs, and I'd prefer to add variety to my color spectrum rather than duplicate what I already have.
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Old 03-05-2006, 07:02 AM
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I have what I think is a pair of Brazilian cobalts tincs, and they are large and different personality than the terribillis.

Many other tinc species fit the criteria well too...
Brian T. Sexton
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Old 03-05-2006, 07:56 AM
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I just got a pair of sexed Cobalts from Patrick at Saurian and from the minute I placed them in their viv they have been all over it. I have a small driftwood stump turned upside down with the roots spreading over
3/4 of the viv and almost touching the glass top. They climb all over it. I also got a pair of green & bronze auratus from Patrick that are also very active but of course they are not as large the Cobalts. Both are in 29 gal. vivs with running water features so they have alot of room to explore. When I feed, I place the fruit flies in different areas of the viv, this way they find food in all areas of the viv and not just one location.
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Old 03-05-2006, 12:58 PM
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Yeah, I think you pretty much nailed it in your post lol, big tincs. In particular, GO/Reginas, yellowbacks, surinam cobalts, and citronellas are biggies. I've also seen some green sips/green leopards that were just as big (Scott Menigoz/Phrogs-n-Phelsuma grows the biggest tincs I've ever seen, no joke). All the biggies are also bold as all get out, and are more than happy to bounce around, beg, and slap their hands on the glass and give you that look that just seems like they are trying to say "Aren't my toes cute? FEED ME!"

I'm not a big tinc group person, but even I get a kick out of my azureus getting all excited, toe tapping, and following my hand when I start mixing vit/calcium powder and smacking cultures on the counter. Oh, who am I kidding, they do that when I walk by. My other frogs just tend to stare at me (the zaparos with a particular gleam in their eye... "You *know* you wanna feed us right? Hand over some crickets... and no one will get hurt... except the crickets... cuz we love crickets... have I gotten my point across?")
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Old 03-06-2006, 02:18 AM
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About the best anthropomorphic relationship with frogs I have had is with the Dendrobates galactonotus, orange splash backs. While they haven't been the most exotic or the most lovely to look at, compared to the D. azureus and more unusual colors, they are definitely something to put in a large tank on top of a divder between the living and dining rooms-- with a group of them. On one side, they may line up to watch you cook and have dinner, and on the other, they will watch the cocktail hour. I have had mine in a 135 gallon palludarium, with some fish in the aquarium section. They have even caught some tiny platy fish fry from the banks of their terrestrial section-- Well, to be strictly honest, I saw only one do this, but the others rushed over to help out. All in all, I would judge them to be the first among the larger frogs with the most "personality" as we humans call this trait, which is closer to ourselves than most other frogs get.

It may just be a "pretend" relationship, because in reality, even the most bold aren't really relating to you personally at all, and they really don't have the faculties in their brains for kind of intelligence we want to attribute to them. But if we can attribute this to them from their other qualities and instincts we can't explain, we are satisfied, and the frogs have a nice home.

Advice is like kissing: it costs nothing and it's a pleasant thing to do. (George Bernard Shaw)
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