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: General Health & Disease Treatment

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  1. Killing off (possible) Chytrid in a frogless vivarium
  2. ranitomeya imitator chazuta white bubble
  3. Bloated Whites Tree Frog?
  4. Moving lump on Dendrobates tinctorius cobalt
  5. Dodgy looking larvae - millipedes?
  6. Blue-Grey Rash on R. fantastica reticulated
  7. Skinny Azureus adult
  8. Dumpy Tree Frog Suspicious Dark Patch On Back
  9. Diseases of Amphibians, Densmore and Green, 2007.
  10. Taking care of Ranitomeya frogs
  11. Very worried about young tinc (not eating)
  12. Red eyed tree frog help
  13. Baby Benedicta just stares at springtails but never eats!
  14. Prolapse on young P. terribilis?
  15. When is slim too slim? (Pumilio)
  16. What’s your quarantine?
  17. Potential mite problem...
  18. Quarantine
  19. Lump on pumilio.
  20. Here we go - cloudy milky eye
  21. worm? nematoad? ID please
  22. Terribillis sits in the water often
  23. Hypovitaminosis
  24. Dramatic Change in Tinc Behavior
  25. Fire skink tail
  26. One small frog... Also
  27. White spot on new frog
  28. One small skinny frog...
  29. Re-mineralizing distilled/RO water.
  30. Black spots in Terribilis
  31. Azureus Shoulder Dislocation
  32. Force feeding and short tongue syndrome
  33. Frog hasn’t moved or eaten
  34. Protozoa, roundworms, pinworms, oh my
  35. Sick Terribilis
  36. Unexpected adult male death
  37. Bicolor Nose issue
  38. help with frog in bad condition
  39. help with red eyed tree frog
  40. Auratus stop eating when they are full
  41. Azureus females with wound on back.
  42. Seizure in Oophaga pumilio
  43. Sick female breeder Terribilis
  44. Red spots on Red Eye Tree Frog
  45. Dying azureus
  46. Sick frog
  47. Strange U shaped lump
  48. Strange cut/mark - please help
  49. rear legs toes problem with my Cobalt
  50. Mite on froglet
  51. Sick Citronella?
  52. Right side of frog’s back has weird twitching
  53. What does healthy frog poop look like?
  54. water feature bubbles at end of the river
  55. Is my frog bloated, pregnant, or just fat?
  56. Opinions on Opening a Mouth
  57. How much should a dart frog poop per day?
  58. Skin bacteria
  59. Help! Frog had seizure (?). Vet said parasites and skin bacteria
  60. Are these frogs obese/fat/overfed?
  61. spider mites - purposely flooding tank to kill?
  62. Terribilis needs help!
  63. Way to skinny azureus
  64. Runt of the clutch?
  65. First frog death...sudden lethargy/anal protrusion
  66. Cobalt reovered from STS, some experience
  67. Briefly deflating frog?
  68. Broken Leg Turquoise and Bronze Auratus.
  69. Vittatus quandry
  70. Effectiveness of Transdermal Application of Medicine
  71. Tinctorus losing function of front or back legs
  72. Rounded tummy with 'lump'
  73. Lump or cyst : what to do?
  74. Bump on triv arm?
  75. tinctorius regina not eating, listless. already lost one. HELP
  76. Re: Bloated pdf
  77. Mites on frogs?
  78. Correct vs Fat Frogs
  79. Frogs dying out of the blue
  80. Slugs pest or beneficial?
  81. Body condition score
  82. Help, leuc Ingested a woody fiber
  83. STS in terribilis... even with adequate vitamin supplements?
  84. Leuc with believed STS. Treatment options. Vitamin baths?
  85. lungworms infection and symptoms?
  86. Male Azureus saliva bubbles on mouth?
  87. Concerned About My Female Azureus
  88. Exposed to cold for a week
  89. Does anyone recognize this worm?
  90. Missing Flies...
  91. Terribilis getting skinny
  92. Thumbnails dropping dead
  93. Neoprene Foam Seal Tape
  94. Male R. imitator with a wonky call
  95. What are these worms?
  96. Please help......
  97. Very Gravid Female Not Laying Eggs...
  98. Swollen Tongue?
  99. need help, 3 out of 8 frogs dead
  100. Frog deaths - help please.
  101. Worm ID needed
  102. Damage spots? Or something else?
  103. Help identify this bug
  104. Are these nematodes?
  105. Sick leg in Tinc - please help !
  106. Small grey/white bump on leucomelas face
  107. Too skinny?
  108. So I haven't seen my toad in awhile.
  109. Injured or sick frog
  110. Poor frogs eye popped out
  111. Problem with brass nozzle on hand sprayer?
  112. seeking comments on leuc weight
  113. Strange White Mark on BYH
  114. Help! Frog blindness
  115. First Frogs: Problems already, please help!
  116. Tadpole floating to top?
  117. Injured frog or disease?
  118. Possible dissease? problem catching flies
  119. Amphibian chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis)
  120. frog died): what do i do?
  121. where can i buy calcium gluconate solution
  122. What brand of distilled water to use?
  123. Sterllite QT
  124. Dartfrog bloat
  125. Bloat
  126. 2 Leuc Questions
  127. Please Help Solve This Mystery
  128. eggs stuck in female
  129. Vittatus Froglet Abnormality
  130. Skin infection on p . Terriblis
  131. Springtails and mites
  132. Injured bullfrog
  133. Gravid
  134. Gravid or Bloated?
  135. Skinny Frog - Help needed
  136. Quick fungus question
  137. Poorly frog, Help please!
  138. Calcium Gluconate Treatment
  139. Strange Tinc Behavior
  140. Frog loosing weight + not eating
  142. Sls
  143. Mould in the vivarium
  144. Is my Bumble Bee dart frog sick?
  145. So I cured SLS
  146. not sure if broken or dislocated
  147. Strange behaviour of D.T. Robertus
  148. Unusual prolapse..
  149. Froglet die off
  150. Need help from an experienced keeper
  151. Do I Quarantine?
  152. Dose my female green imitator look bloated?
  153. Little help - diagnosis
  154. Treatment for P. Terribilis with Bloat? (pics)
  155. Escudo poor coordination and falls on feet
  156. Strange spot in my terribilis
  157. Help please !! Swollen bubble under eye
  158. Prolapse?
  159. is this SLS?
  160. Tinctorius froglet with hind leg issues
  161. Fecals in NY
  162. Frogs dying off
  163. White spots on hind legs. Sudden death
  164. Short tongue syndrome
  165. Azureus parasites :(
  166. P. Terrriblis issue- impacted?
  167. Feeding imi
  168. Help please! Dart keeps going into shock...
  169. Salt Creek Pumilio dead
  170. Amphibian Vet. in Eastern Nebraska or Iowa?
  171. Discoloration on Tinc
  172. Pacman impact ion treatment?
  173. Nemertean?
  174. yellow Terrib losing dramatic weight
  175. Help Please Bloated Southern Variabilis
  176. Juvie super blue unresponsive then back to life?
  177. Bubbles all over reed frog! Help!
  178. Lethargic Variabilis
  179. Pacific treefrog with blood from cloaca
  180. Bloated Oophaga Help
  181. Spraying for roaches
  182. tinc not eating well and getting thin
  183. Clown Tree Frogs Declining
  184. Diuretic for bloated frog?
  185. Tadpole Morphing Without Front Legs
  186. Injury on frog
  187. Orange Terrib Red Dot / Bump
  188. Frog issues
  189. Adding UVB
  190. Frog Mouth Stuck Open
  191. betadine on frogs
  192. Mantella madagascariensis just received - bloated w/drops of blood coming from anus
  193. Mold!
  194. Tips for treating hookworm
  195. frog skin rupture need help fast
  196. Lamisil soak procedure?
  197. Lead toxicity?
  198. Rhabdia Nematode Infection Treatment
  199. Methylene blue for funguses in adult frogs?
  200. F! Hookworms
  201. Tank Care After Death of Frog
  202. Fecal test and more
  203. Does she look sick to you?
  204. Discolored Nikita Tinc
  205. Frog falls off things all the time
  206. Metronidazole administration
  207. African Dwarf Frog Red Bump on Nose
  208. limp front leg,injury or disease???
  209. Very round Luec. Something to worry about?
  210. Sick terribilis. Please help.
  211. R.Fantastica True Nominal acting strenge
  212. Oophaga pumilio blue jeans acting strange
  213. 1 Week OOW Froglet Issue-Pics
  214. Sick and malnourished (rescued) FBT, please help!
  215. How to make hypertonic amphibian ringers?
  216. Terribilis dying please help....
  217. Sick pacific treefrogs, help,please
  218. Help me. Mysterious bloating problem (tics are dying)
  219. Not moving much?
  220. Eosinophilic Meningitis caused by Slugs?
  221. Inflamed leg
  222. Sanitizing tools..
  223. HELP ME!! Puke??
  224. Varadero Froglet: Leg on backwards
  225. HELP! Continuing Deaths
  226. Strawberry Dart Frog Bacterial Infection?
  227. Frog not eating. Impacted?
  228. trio of azureus... out competing for food?
  229. Guys, this is very odd. frog on its stomach and dont move
  230. I think my new frog may be sick
  231. Seattle area frog vet
  232. Frog with enlarged tongue and bleeding, please help
  233. Morbid Question...
  234. Escaped frog - Questions!
  235. Help! Is she sick?
  236. Highland bronze broken leg
  237. Skinny froglet
  238. Frogs won't poop!
  239. Hospital tank how to set up
  240. Calcium glauconite soaks/ how often/ how long
  241. Terribilis has a spot on his head
  242. Dart frog eye problem? Advice please
  243. Leuc having trouble aiming, clumsy
  244. Dendrobates auratus - discolored and hiding in substrate
  245. Terribilis not eating
  246. azureus bloated up today?
  247. Scratching/leg 'flicking'
  248. Imitator red spot on head
  249. Alanis with bump(s) under eyes
  250. 1 slug = lots more slugs to come?