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  1. DIY Lightning Lights - Reacts to the sound of thunder!
  2. Smart Seconds Timer?
  3. Exo Terra 24x18x24 - Mossy Frog Build
  4. Weight limit of a bakers rack
  5. First setup in a LONG time.
  6. Zoopoxy epoxy cloating-1319
  7. Best way to keep track of humidity in viv?
  8. E track
  9. MistKing Nozzle Question
  10. Dynamic Weather Control Application
  11. Zoo Med Cork Tile
  12. Hygrolon Background Mounting
  13. Lighting 36 inch tall help needed
  14. LED light recommendation
  15. Home Rack Setups
  16. Tempered or plate
  17. Drylock questions
  18. Pump Access Question
  19. Ventilation / internal air circulation
  20. gorilla super glue gel fogging glass after use
  21. Statue and Gutter Guard Wall
  22. Coco fiber sheet (coir) for background drip moss wall
  23. Jungle dawn question
  24. Show me your failed repairs and construction mishaps!
  25. Epiweb and leaf litter as the only substrate?
  26. Sherman vs Euro Vent
  27. new polypropylene grow out tub SMELLS
  28. Tank planning
  29. Sanitize ABG? I keep getting nematodes.
  30. Beginnger viv questions - missed sealing some GS foam and LED cover
  31. Lighting on 40 breeder vert
  32. Cheap humidity and temperature automation
  33. Do foggers have a "head height?"
  34. Sphagnum layer or not?
  35. 12x12x20 Tank custom 3D Prints and Wiring
  36. Anti-fog Film
  37. Silicone /background cure
  38. Great stuff for back and sides
  39. Glass/screen hybrid tank?
  40. Cork panels
  41. Light socket fans ideas?
  42. Anyone using kessil lights on a vivarium?
  43. Custom UK viv shops
  44. Glass top & automatic misting
  45. Taller Insitu Vivarium (Alto)
  46. Advice on cord access doors
  47. Gapless glass track?
  48. Foam false bottom
  49. ABS versus PVC for egg crate support
  50. Recycling clean up crew
  51. Speaker cloth in place of Hygrolon?
  52. Tank with no front vents
  53. Recommended light for 16" tall tank?
  54. New 21x18x25 build under construction
  55. Paludarium Vivarium Tank Canopies
  56. Current business to obtain a custom vivarium?
  57. how thick are exo terra doors
  58. How tall can ultrasonic fog rise?
  59. Appropriate lighting for 75 gallon viv
  60. viv safe glass cutting oil
  61. First build/questions
  62. I’m new!
  63. First time paludarium build
  64. Is drylok extreme frog safe?
  65. Door size for tracks?
  66. would this tank be good for reed frogs?
  67. Waterfall using faux stones made of styrofoam. Use Drylok or Grout?
  68. Terrarium drainage options
  69. 29gal Vivarium build thread
  70. Please suggest a tiny pump/filter for my waterfall build
  71. Habitat Black Epoxy for Backgrounds
  72. Adding Thunder Sounds?
  73. Land/Water wall for Plaudarium?
  74. Types of pods / seeds / wood
  75. Glass type for Terrarium construction
  76. Dura Edge? (substrate)
  77. Does silicone expire?
  78. tree fern type comparison
  79. Zoomed modifications
  80. Quiet Misting Pump
  81. Web cam for the frog tank
  82. Glass-to-Glass hinge terrarium?
  83. Paludaurium low water flow
  84. Plywood Vivariums??
  85. Precise environmental control
  86. Mistking
  87. puzzling, persistent substrate dampness
  88. Mounting epiphytes on glass
  89. Misting and fan times.
  90. Cork Bark Weight
  91. Glass track and plastic trim for a sliding door Vivarium
  92. Egg crate and false bottom interaction
  93. Mist king nozzle length
  94. Titebond Odor after curing
  95. How do I keep fogger water from going foul?
  96. Sphagnum Moss Right Now
  97. Plant safe tank adjustment materials
  98. New 36x18x36 tank cabinet/stand
  99. So many questions
  100. Clear glass
  101. False bottom or lava rock?
  102. Experiment: Calcined Clay as Drainage Layer and Substrate
  103. Matsumi filter matting - safe to use?
  104. Exo terra quad canopy. Is it OK with humidity
  105. MistKing on a Biorb Air
  106. Question on my false bottom
  107. Couple Questions
  108. What would you build from a 44H Tank
  109. Opinions on 1st try at a background
  110. Humidity and Venting
  111. Varanoid's Frog Room
  112. Scoring glass
  113. Great stuff on silicone.
  114. Cork Bark Question
  115. 30" T8 bulbs
  116. Drilling double paned glass?
  117. Glass lid conundrum
  118. What surfaces and how much?
  119. Video Tour of My Vivariums (Before I Move)
  120. Tree Stand Advice
  121. Zoo Med t5s??? Questions and help
  122. Schluter Kerdi-board
  123. Plant light through glass tops?
  124. Seeking advice on a frog and plant rack build
  125. Mold help
  126. Mistking Ordering
  127. Anyone use new Zilla bow front 18x21x25?
  128. Filling a 5/8” gap between vent and glass
  129. My first big experimental exo build. Fans/waterfall/misting/climate
  130. Waterfall pump question
  131. 8g paludarium material suggestions
  132. Vertical Conversion kits
  133. Making a high pressure misting system using a fire extinguisher
  134. Massive Display Build Lighting Issues
  135. fastening cork
  136. Polygems 1319 sealer
  137. Lighting a tall Vivarium
  138. 18x18x24 Rock Wall
  139. Paints for cement
  140. Cork with Lichen?
  141. Ventilation fan? opinions welcome!
  142. Any suggestions on a misting system
  143. On drainage and rack systems
  144. Exo terra rainmaker not working
  145. PSA: All 36” H Exo-Terras are now Paludariums
  146. Upgrading to mist king
  147. Need help with glass lid for Zoo Med
  148. Squirrel Cage Computer Fan
  149. Zoo Med Cork
  150. 12x12x18 build! First time back in awhile!
  151. DIY LED Lighting Fixture
  152. Lighting 36x18x36 exo Terra
  153. Looking for Fans!
  154. Ideas for making fake rocks with concrete?
  155. Paludarium wet wall and land mass questions
  156. Exos on Wireshelving Racks?
  157. Ok to temporarily remove substrate?
  158. Cheap Glass Supplier online?
  159. Mist king on fishtank
  160. Leaf litter smell?
  161. Odd drip “wall” question
  162. Hole saw diameter for Matala drainpipe?
  163. Experimental Drip wall paludarium
  164. 45 Gallon Bowfront Paludarium build
  165. Lighting Options for a 36x36x18
  166. Using a frame when sculpting
  167. Advice/Opinions
  168. Ghost Wood or Manzanita
  169. LED light System comparison
  170. Leaf litter
  171. 40 Gallon Vert for Milk Frogs
  172. Using Polygem in exhibits
  173. DIY frog hide ideas?
  174. SAFE Adhesive for PVC.
  175. New Amazon Tree Boa Enclousure
  176. 3 tank build
  177. 5 gallon moss drip wall.
  178. Creating foam/silicone background ontop of exo-terra bakground
  179. Foam/silicone background durability?
  180. Pond in a Viv... yet soggy substrate?
  181. Dry Side for Paludarium?
  182. building a bog in a tank
  183. Quarantine Build
  184. First Vivarium Build...Design layout critiques welcome
  185. Matala Filter Material
  186. testing photo posting abilities
  187. Hygrolon - Australia where to buy!
  188. Best place to buy Drift Wood, Cork, etc.
  189. Hygrolon Liana drainage use
  190. Arcadia jungle dawn LED light bar
  191. 60x30x30 terrarium suitable for 2 darts
  192. Front opening, sliding door Tank design
  193. Who here build their own viv's?
  194. Glass top for Exo Terra with vent
  195. Glass top for exo Terra
  196. Artificial Stream Construction
  197. Silicone + tree fern fiber
  198. Rack for Exo-Terras?
  199. DIY high powered LED(no soldering)
  200. Show me your 18x18x24
  201. Lighting and Heat in Vivs
  202. Lighting a 24x18x36
  203. Soon to come!!!
  204. What is a good waterfall pump?
  205. Setup with RaspberryPI
  206. Foam background- no peat?
  207. 158 Gal Acrylic Build
  208. Dart frogs in screen cages.
  209. DIY 2x4 Vivarium Racks
  210. Charcoal - all about it
  211. Using growstone as a substrate
  212. Skylight Pro V
  213. 10 Gallon vert Kits
  214. Lighting for a tall terrarium
  215. Draining fitting?
  216. Egg Crate Explanation?
  217. Light weight aqurium/terrarium cage???
  218. Glass Top for Exo-terra 36x18x18
  219. Different types of lighting systems
  220. Acrylic hinges for front opening doors
  221. Tree fern tannins
  222. 24x18x24 Hygrolon Build
  223. Help on thickness of acrylic for Vivarium
  224. Plants mass dying in new terrarium. Is anyone able to tell me why?
  225. Ghost wood
  226. Aquarium Conversion Kits
  227. Ventilation for sealed Vivarium
  228. Exo Terra 12*12*18 with polymer clay castle / ruins [Animal-free]
  229. Creating vine background
  230. 24x24x24 Cube Build
  231. Cheap Window Screen Corners
  232. Everlasting Buttress Build
  233. 750 Gallon Vivarium: Completed! Golden Poison Frogs just moved in!
  234. Waterproofing 300 gallon terrarium
  235. Redart clay powder alternative?
  236. Keeping ten gallon glass clear
  237. LED lighting
  238. Pair Of 80 Gallon Plywood Builds
  239. Peat Background
  240. 40 gallon paludarium build
  241. Do You Need To Water Seal Acrylic Paint?
  242. Current Lighting Recommendations
  243. Metal Viv Stand
  244. Thrive Half-Round Terrarium from Petsmart
  245. DIY Vivarium Lights
  246. Mistking pump parts
  247. Floating land mass problem
  248. Hydrolon on glass
  249. 55Gal Sliding Door Conversion
  250. Speaker mesh on background?