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Default Re: Exoterra xl x-tall 36x18x36 build log

Originally Posted by shibbyplustax View Post
another couple questions id like to add.

1. anybody know of a good way to make the transistion between the falsebottom and my pond/stream area look real natural? i was thinking i would just take the little riverbank i made with the eggcrate at fill it with some great stuff, paint it and silicone some rocks and sand on there. i feel as though it is just to steap to use gravel or sand or anything and will just run down the bank and leave the top part exposed
I always thought using peat covered great stuff looks the best when transitioning. If you use enough and do it right, it's very natural.

2. i was considering using either clay or some sort of concrete now instead of the GS background. any input on how much easier or harder this is and if it will stand the test of time better then great stuff. i am really torn between these two because i think if done right clay looks alot better but i have never tried this method. also i didnt think about the added weight this will add on my tank. it already takes two people to move it and is pretty heavy and i still have to move it from my construction room to my bedroom after its done. keep in mind this is a very big tank so the amount of clay or concrete i would have to use would be rather large. I always loved the look of Drylok rock walls, it's much more natural and withstands more than great stuff.

3. what really made me want to do this was the thread of martys re build on the corner tank. that concrete background came out AMAZING but i dont have an airbrush to paint it that good. even if i did pick one up though iv never used it and am afraid i will not be able to get the affects marty did. has any else ever used an air brush? is it easy to use?
I'd use a cheapo 1$ paintbrush, and go to home depot, buy a bucket of GREY Drylok sealant, and give about 3 coats of it on the Styrofoam "rocks". That's how he did it!

4. if i were to scrap the GS background idea and use either clay or concrete which would be better? i think depending on how their done they both look just as good but theres two things holding me up from making a decision. concrete seems like it would last longer but will be harder to work with. clay seems to be easier to work with and i dont have to go through the whole curing process but seems as though it would deteriorate faster. what do you guys think? Please make a drylok rock wall. It's much stronger and attractive than clay, but it's a bit more expensive (30-80$, depends).

5. another thing im worried about is keeping the tank ventilated but at the came time keep the himidity up. whats the best method for this?

6. also i didnt get a response for my lighting question so ill post again. do you think a dual strip 36" flourescent will be adequate for lighting in this beast? i have a 20 gallon single strip laying around that i can also use if need be. any input would be great
Of course!
I hope this helps!
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