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Old 06-14-2011, 04:30 PM
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Default New to vivs

Alright, where to start?
I was looking around online to find some quality info and I've stumbled upon DB. I am getting an exo terra 12"Lx12"Wx18"h terrarium and I was told I could keep a couple of dart frogs in there. After more research and talking to a few breeders, I found that I may only be able to have one as there is not enough floor space for two.

One breeder recommended I look into the 'thumbnail' Ranitomeya species if I want to try to get a pair of them as he said they are much smaller and would require less space. Does this species live exclusively on the ground floor or would they use the higher ledges and platforms I plan to create on the back and side walls?

Does anyone else have any suggestions as far as which kind of dart frogs I could keep happily in this type of terrarium or should I be looking at tree frogs/crested geckos?

More questions! I have a mini manzanita stump that resembles a small tree. I would like to incorporate it into the scape but I'm worried it might be too sharp for the frogs. I do plan to cover it in flame moss but I was still worried about them so I had to ask to see if anyone else has tried/done this.

I was told to check here as well to find instructions/advice on how to make a small pond and waterfall that I could easily remove for cleaning. My plan is to make a cork background and run the waterfall behind it and have it end up in a small pool of water near the front of the terrarium. I know it cannot be very deep and has to be easy enough for the frogs to enter/exit it so they do not drown, but my question is how do I keep the soil from soaking up/mixing in the water? I picked up a bag of hydro balls from my LPS and I plan to get some mesh to separate the layers but I still cannot seem to wrap my mind around how to keep it all separate and clean.

Speaking of clean, I've read that I'll need to completely tear down the tank and clean everything about once every two months is that correct? I want to try to minimize the tearing down and cleaning once everything gets settled in as it could possibly damaged the background and plants and such.

Sorry for all of the questions but I definitely want to get everything right before I introduce the frogs. I'm sure I have more but I cannot think of them at the moment.

Thanks for reading,
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