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Old 03-13-2011, 04:39 PM
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Default Re: New Tank, Some Questions!

Originally Posted by jamesthornton View Post
Cheers guys.

For the pane of glass do you get it cut to the outer dimensions and silicone it on top? I think i'll find a local glazier and go and talk to them about that living/piano hinge!

EDIT: I forgot. Will a drain be necessary? I was gonna use leca and membrane so will it hopefully evaporate rather than build up?
I doubt it would be necessary to silicone it to the top, just rest it there on the lip thats just inside the rim as most tanks have one for holding a top. I thought it was a 20H but your tanks is actually a bit deeper front to back then a 20H so probably can't just buy a pre-made aquarium top. So ya get a couple pieces cut and a hinge. When figuring out what size pieces you need take space the hinge takes up into account, and also measure from the inside of the rim of course...unless you just want the glass to rest on top of the rim, but then it could slide off pretty easy (In which case siliconing it might be an idea), I'd just get it cut to fit right though and not worry about that.

The water can build up in any tank if it is misted to much, and you don't have an overflow drilled into one of the sides of the tank. There is a difference between a drain and overflow...a drain you will manually have to drain the tank, an overflow will just flow out that hole once it reaches the right height, but either is quite a hassle for a small viv IMO, I wouldn't bother...just keep a turkey baster handy and try not to over mist. You should be able to tell if its building up in the drainage layer just by looking. FYI since leca takes up volume in that drainage layer that area will hold less water then if you just did a false bottom, which would also make the tank lighter.

If you do get an automated mister get a seconds timer so you can fine tune how often and how long it mists the tank for so it doesn't flood it. Generally though when you mist you just need to get the surface of everything wet, not completely saturate the soil like a lot of people do and then complain about their tank flooding and think they need to drill every tank when its a waste usually and risks breaking the viv You can even mist more then once a day, if you don't over do it without ever flooding your tank, but people are silly.
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