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Default Re: Cockroaches in Vivarium - Is this plan OK?

Originally Posted by mmandajade View Post
I was doing a bit of maintenance on my 60 gallon viv the other day and pulled it away from the wall to dust the back. I saw two adult cockroaches/palmetto bugs hunkered down in the gaps behind cork flats I have siliconed to the back glass as a background. Gross, yuck, eew. My two adult frogs don't seem to have any problems and I imagine since the roaches are nocturnal and the frogs diurnal, they may not really interact much at all. TBH, I have no idea how long the roaches have been in there, but it might have been for quite some time.

I imagine the roaches found their way in because I sometimes let my vining plants get a little too out of control and the leaves slightly push up the plastic part of my lid. That part is now fixed but now the roaches can't get out, not that I imagine they'd want to, I bet a viv is like heaven for them haha.

I've tried digging them out of the back with a skewer, and waiting until dark when they come out to stab or catch them. All unsuccessful. The viv is incredibly well established with a lot of plants and microfauna that I don't want to lose, so CO2, Heat, and total teardown are options I don't want to pursue. My plan at this point is to buy some boric acid baited roach tablets and make a little trap out of a plastic tupperware with a narrow slit cut out (thin enough for the roaches to slide in but not big enough for the frogs). I'll put a tab or two in the trap, and hope the roaches will eat the bait and die. I don't mind if the roaches die somewhere else in the tank, I'll pull them out if I find them, but the other microfauna will eventually clean up if they die behind something I can't reach. To be extra safe, I'll put the trap in after lights out every night, and remove before lights on each morning.

Does this sound like a good plan? From what I've read about boric acid, it's relatively frog-safe. I'm taking measures to make sure that the frogs aren't directly in contact with it. I think the only contact could possibly be from roaches tracking it out into the viv on their feet, or if the roaches die, microfauna eats them, and then a frog eats the microfauna, but that seems pretty far removed and minimal exposure.

Oof, I feel your pain.

What I would do is remove the frogs, and then bait the heck out of the tank to catch the invaders. I'm not sure I'd use boric acid based baits, but I would totally get the frogs out of the tank. Anything you bait the roaches with will also get some of your microfauna, you need to be prepared for losses.

Are you going to be doing pest control for the rest of your house?
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