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Old 07-29-2020, 09:22 AM
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Default Beginner Amazonia Setup for P. Terribilis.

After lurking for a while reading the forum and reading Lotters et al I've decided to go with 2-3 P. terribilis mints. It looks like the last time there was a similar thread was 5+ years ago, well before In Situ tanks were on the scene. I also wanted to go in more depth than the basic care sheet. I'm going to purchase the enclosure, construct the custom background and plant the vivarium next month and I'll start a separate thread with pictures once that happens. For now hopefully I put the thread in the right place and it isn't too long. I am thorough

Enclosure: Amazonia by In Situ Ecosystems (22.5x24x17.5" or 40.5 gallons)

Substrate: A huge advantage of the Amazonia is no need for a false bottom. I'm going to use synthetic Epiweb as a drainage layer at the bottom of the sloped floor which is set up with a drain to a reservoir. For the soil layer I like Biodude's Terra Flora, which will be covered with a layer of peat moss and topped with oak leaf litter. I want to limit direct contact between frogs and soil as to avoid impaction. Obviously microfauna will be established before the frogs are introduced.

Water: Mistking with de-chlorinated water. I was tempted to do a water feature but for my first frog tank I'm going to keep it simple. Ambient humidity is high due to local climate so one round of misting for 7 seconds should be sufficient to attain 80-100% humidity. I will follow this with a circulation fan for 20-30 min to prevent foot rot in the frogs and root rot in the plants.

Temp & lighting: Ambient temp in my reptile room is low 70s. Just in case I have a backup heat lamp but I'm not going to cook the frogs. I'll use the LED light that comes with the Amazonia. I know UVB is unnecessary.

Background and hardscaping: I plan to use the great stuff foam-frog safe silicone-abg method to attach cork bark and driftwood to the custom background. Based on pictures I've seen of these frogs in the wild I will focus on wood-based background as opposed to rocks. They are more terrestrial so while I'll provide climbing spots it's not a major focus. I'll provide cocohuts as breeding sites.

Plants: 2-3 Bomilead Neoregalias, 2 orchids (Encyclia prismatocarpa, Encyclia Alata Majus) mounted near the top of the viv with better access to airflow. The main background vine will be hoyas and/or philodendron. At substrate level, I’ll have Nile Begonia, Hemagraphis sp and Fittonia albivenis of Verschaffeltii variety, and maybe some button fern. Is this enough to get started? I want to balance a well-planted viv with plenty of floor space for these (mostly) terrestrial dart frogs. Has anyone noticed their mints favoring a specific plant in your enclosure? Are any of these plants I mentioned at the substrate level unable to support these bulky guys?

Feeding: I'll establish some ff cultures on my own and in a pinch I have access to store bought cultures very close to my home. I'm excited that these guys can handle larger prey, such as pinheads, as adults.

Supplementation: Repashy, kept in the fridge and replaced every 6 months. In an emergency I have a relationship with a local exotic vet who has seen my herps in the past.

Is there anything obviously incorrect or anything essential which I've omitted? Any general feedback or comments from P. terribilis keepers?

Thank you,


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