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Old 06-24-2020, 10:21 PM
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Default Re: Leucamalas Morph?

Sorry, I wasn't following the chronology of the two threads correctly. It seemed like you were ignoring what people were saying, but I don't think that's the case. Some folks only listen when given the answers that they were looking for. I apologize for thinking that is what was going on here.

I am not too sure about what Josh's Frogs is talking about with regard to crossing lines, but that is probably more of a comment on my ignorance than it is about Josh's Frogs' claim. I am not aware enough of what the line options are in Leucs to know much about what should be crossed vs. not. I will say that it seems that of all dart frogs I am aware of, lineage is murkiest with Leucs and there is less of an expectation with them that intact lineage information is available. This may just be my early experience with Leucs when I was just learning and maybe things have changed since I kept them. Folks are less likely to demand proper line information on frogs that are perceived as "beginner frogs" (which is unfair because Leucs are fantastic frogs to keep regardless of how much experience someone has. Those of you who deal with Leucs more than I do, please correct me if I am wrong on any of the above. It seems that "Standard Leucomelas" can mean a lot of things with regard to line, import year, locale, etc. That is less true of Auratus (though there are still some morphs of Auratus where similar things can be said). Many of the morphs/locales of Auratus seem to have reeeeaaaaaaallllly similar names and I get mixed up :-)

That is very small to be selling froglets, in my opinion. I understand how it happens. I sold some little bitty fellas when I was new to breeding, but I have since learned to hold onto them longer. Regardless, they should be able to eat melanogaster fruit flies. If they are having issues eating, I would move them to a smaller, simpler enclosure (maybe a plastic shoe box?) with just damp (not wet) paper towels in the bottom. I would then put maybe 10 dusted fruit flies in there and go away and leave them alone. If you absolutely have to, you can stay close, as still as you can, and watch them. Don't keep opening the enclosure, though. That is just going to stress them out. See if leaving them alone helps them take down some fruit flies. If you have access to spring tails, it wouldn't be a bad idea to put some of those in there, too. Not many. You want them to eat dusted fruit flies as soon as possible, but your description makes me think they might need to be eased onto fruit flies. What you need most right now is to get some food in them. Once they are eating fruit flies well, you will probably be fine.

Put your Calcium Plus in the fridge and make sure it's fresh. Toss it after it gets to 6 months since you opened it and replace it with a new bottle. For a long time, Calcium Plus is probably the only supplement you need. Use it at every feeding.

Best of luck!


Originally Posted by aapuzzo View Post
I get it's impossible to tell the line at this point and that was drilled into me. I will never make that mistake again but I was surprised to see Josh's Frogs say they are selling Leucamelas that flat out specify they were created from crossing lines when I was trying to determine what I had. If that was the case is it wrong to just say they are Dendrobates Leucamelas and never specify a line or is even that wrong.

- As for the size I think these fall into the they were too small to sell size. They are like 3/4 the size of my pinky nail and struggle to even eat a melongaster fruit fly missing a few times before catching them still. I watch them eat a few each before walking away when I feed them. If they miss they kind of sit there for a few minutes almost like they think they just ate something. I then come back open the top and blow on the flies to make them move around.
- I'm using Rapashy Calcium Plus

My Auratus were a little bigger when I got them and also terrible hunters. Once they became better hunters it seemed like they turned into little marbles overnight and doubled in size. You can see them in my other thread.

I have regular blue Azureus that thank god don't seem to go through this level of scrutiny that I also got when they were this size. They are going though this transformation now from seeming almost useless to becoming assassins.
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