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Default My First Vivarium Journal

Originally Posted by minorhero View Post
Small Update:

I settled on a light solution for Insitu vivarium. I am going to build my own! I originally was going to buy an off the shelf light but some folks over at an aquarium forum I frequent suggested building my own and after thinking about it a bit I decided to give it a shot.

I have extremely limited understanding of circuits so this is definitely pretty far outside of my wheelhouse. Fortunately the person I was talking with knows quite a bit about it and was able to tell me what to buy and diagram how to wire it up.

So I bought a heatsink, 24 Luxeon Sunplus Cool White LEDs on pcb, 2 Sunplus Deep Red, and 3 Luxeon ES Cyan. Plus 3 drivers, power supply, and all the little fiddly bits to make it come together.

I have in the past always rejected DIY lighting because I want the the light enclosures to look good. I put my aquariums in living spaces of my house. I want every part of them to look nice. But for the vivarium I am planning on having a hood which will obscure the misting system (and consequently the light as well). So it doesn't matter if the light looks like I made it myself as opposed to having someone with a design aesthetic putting it together. What matters is the color and the brightness.

The cool whites are horticulture lights but in the 6500 spectrum range. They should easily grow the plants. The reds and cyan are to make the colors pop. The sunplus chips also have a crazy angle on them of 150 degrees, so they should do a really good job of spreading the light all around the vivarium including the back wall.

In other news I got in some manzanita branches I bought from I bought these when I assumed I was making a vivarium for thumbs. I still will try to use 1 or more for this build, but they are mostly for plant space. I am trying to find some driftwood that is more appropriate for tincs (meaning wider and slightly curved so I can use it to increase horizontal space).

Here is a picture of 2 of the 3 branches I purchased. The one on the right is in the same condition as when it arrived. The one on the left has already had me thin it out, and then file down the sharp stumps left by broken twigs.

And here are the two branches I thinned and filed down:

I don't know if this is a real concern or not, but I was worried that if I had sharp ends to the branches the frogs could injure themselves on the points. This is something I do for fish in aquariums. Not sure if its needed for froggies but I figured it couldn't hurt to do it.

Thanks for the info on the background, also from my understanding the red/blue won’t make color pop on plants, they will how ever change the type of growth you receive. Red for example will encourage more leggy growth this response is due to areas that receive higher amounts of “red” light tend to be areas shaded by other plants where its advantageous to grow fast and tall. Color tends to be a response to light intensity.

I did a write up on DIY led light fixture where I explained the basics of the circuitry as well as how to size heat sink, power supplies, led holder, etc.

Hopefully this can help you.

I basically condensed this guy’s information

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