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I can also tell my experience with breeding Yellow/Gold Pepperi. I am by no means and expert, but I have had some pretty good luck up to this point.

Let me begin by stating that getting these frogs was my biggest challenge. I was looking for Abiseo and I literally contacted EVERY SINGLE PERSON who had posted information about them on social media. I live in Canada and I was even willing to pay some big import fees to acquire them from either the US or from Europe. After almost two years of searching I found only one person who had two males in Canada and only a handful elsewhere who had any, but no one would export. I was not surprised. Finally, it was Mark Pepperi himself who helped me out. I think he knew how badly I wanted them, so he gave me his last five yellow/gold breeding group. To this day I am still stunned. After I had success breeding them, he has also given me some of his Silverstonei, and Altamazonica Sisa and Copperbacks. I am pretty lucky. I have had luck with the silvers so far, but that can be for a different thread.

After acquiring the frogs (they were given to me on top of everything), I housed them in a Exo Terra 36x18x24. I put in a small pond area, but to this day I don’t think they even know it is there. Not one has ever gone near it. My group was also made of three males and two females.

For several months I had no luck. I tried to let them settle and acclimate to their new home and not stress over breeding immediately. I heard calling pretty early on and I still think it is one of the best calls imaginable. I found that they were fairly bold, especially the females. One male was a little skittish, but I could easily get close and observe them.

After several months I began to increase the misting in hopes of encouraging breeding. After a while I noticed that the males began to call more frequently and much louder. This has been true every time they breed. It could take a few days, but once this behaviour began, eggs wouldn’t be long behind. It is an amazing thing to witness. The calling just gets more intense over several days and then the day the breed it is climatical chorus of calling.

I have a coco hut and Petri dish in the tank for breeding. They have alternated between using the dish to deposit their eggs and just laying them in the leaf litter. My clutches have always been furtive, but I have had mixed results with clutch success. On the advice from Mark Pepper, I have always left the eggs in the tank until I saw signs of development. At that point I pull the eggs. I have gotten anywhere from 10% to 90% egg success rate. It is often how they have been laid that helps the chances of success. I find that they breed about every six weeks.

Once the tads hatch I have raised them individually in 16oz deli cups using distilled water and an oak leaf. I used Sera micron and Josh’s Frogs Tadpole pellets. I know this is not the best way to raise Ameerega for a lot of people, but my froglets look very healthy and they have developed a far brighter yellow and a larger percentage of yellow on their backs than any of my original group or most I see online. I am extremely amazed by how much yellow I am getting.

As of right now I have 18 froglets and about 20 more tads. I have lost egg in development and a couple of tads along the way. Once the egg has hatched the success rate is quite high. I have lost only two froglets. One had just come out of the water before I left for a ten day vacation and I couldn’t monitor it and another drowned in a small water cup I had for emerging froglets.

These are truly amazing frogs and I feel a lot of pressure to get my offspring into other breeders hands. My goal is to get some out to breeders in Canada first, but I have already made plans to export into the US. This may take some time.

Hopefully I haven’t gone too far and hijacked the thread, but I thought my story would help in this discussion.
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