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Old 02-10-2020, 07:24 AM
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Default Re: PA Woods and Forests Storyline

The second update for the Gray Army, and first for the Giant Millipedes...

This year for the PA Woods and Forests Brand it is the year of the Gray Army. They have been the story of the YouTube channel and most of the updates. We are going to continue in 2020 with the second update of the gray tree frogs, and the first real update on the others featured in this storyline.

The Gray Army is thriving in what could be the last few weeks of quarantine for them. They are soon to brumate, and while they do, I will be preparing their forever home. The Gray Army has to be weighed one more time because I am trying to get the females to 30 grams and Bane to 25+, and Dante I am hoping to get his weight to at least 20 grams. While they wait and fatten up I am hard at work to get the supplies needed for the brumation.

While the group rests during their brumation I will be creating their new enclosure. The enclosure will be well established before they enter it come the summer. If I can finish the foundation level of the build which is the bio drain and the soil it will be a major step forward. My goal is to plant the enclosure with the native and naturalized plants and seed the vivarium with springtails, but not isopods.

The giants are going to control the ecosystem. In place of isopods, Giant North American Millipedes will enter into the enclosure to control the mold, decaying plant matter, poop, and any organic problems. These millipedes are huge! I am looking forward to seeing how they respond to being given such a massive enclosure. For several months the enclosure will be ruled by these thousand legged giants. As you know, we will be hoping to document these critters and hopefully bring some positive camera time to make people less squeamish of these creatures.

The new Millipede is the star of the show already. The new Millipede who you have seen in many pictures is already the most active above ground millipede that I own compared to all millipedes. The orangish coloration makes it distinguishable, and we believe to have identified this millipede as a female. Regardless of the gender this millipede will be heavily featured in the next episode of the PA Woods and Forests Storyline. Be sure to checkout the new giant millipede and see how it came into my care.

The artificial vernal pool and greenhouse are here! I was saying how important it was to create a safe place for neighborhood frogs and toads last year, and I hope to build just that this year. I bought a decently large rubber container and it's the size of a modest vernal pool around my area. This hopeful breeding site will be fenced in to keep out birds and mammals, but the holes in the fence will be big enough to let frogs and toads in. I am hopeful the native amphibians will accept my offer and lay their eggs here. We also have a pond down in the yard so we will see what the frogs and toads like more.

The greenhouse is going to be a Leafcutter Bee safe haven. I am hoping to get the bees soon and hibernate them along with the Gray Army. The bees play an important role and I'm hoping my greenhouse will be the best protection for them protecting them from birds and others. If the frogs eat some bees then no harm done, but I do not want the bees to be eaten by the birds. I am going to open and close the door to the greenhouse so the bees can remain protected from intruders. If they pollinate inside the area fenced in for the frogs then they will be protected themselves.

I am going to purchase the bees hopefully this week so I will update you all on the status of that later on. Purchasing the Leafcutter Bees and watching them work throughout the summer will be a great experience. We will get to highlight the bees in our work to help save the frogs and toads, and hopefully we can make a difference with these bees as well.

I can confirm the Gray Army and Giant Millipedes home finally. After giving it much thought I have decided these creatures will inherit the 125 gallon. This tank was originally scheduled for the Skinks, but because I wanted to do research with these animals; I felt it was fair to give them the second largest enclosure I have. I am very excited to see how the Gray Army will maneuver around the enclosure. How will four gray tree frogs and roughly four to six giant millipedes use this space? Will they spread out? Will they live in close proximity? This will be discovered by us this summer!

I hope that you are all getting excited for a 125 gallon Gray tree frog vivarium and seeing the Giant Millipedes roam the enclosure. I will keep you updated on the builds of the 125 gallon Gray Army and Giant Millipedes vivarium, Artificial vernal pool, Greenhouse, and Leafcutter Bees.

Keep an eye out for the next video!

Sent from my BKL-L04 using Tapatalk

Sent from my BKL-L04 using Tapatalk
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