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Default Re: PA Woods and Forests Storyline

First major update on the PA Woods and Forests Storyline...

The Gray Army had their fecal samples tested.......and they were negative!!!!

The Gray Army WILL hibernate soon and be the first to be given the opportunity! This is very big news because these guys have been in quarantine all of 2019 and a large part of 2018. Now in 2020 they are given the chance to hibernate then breed then live inside of a custom enclosure. I will explain in detail soon of the events that have taken place elsewhere in the PA Woods and Forests Community which is not good news, but this storyline focuses on the Gray Army and they are celebrating right now.

I am feeding them as much as possible to get them plump bellies so they sleep well. The enclosure I am looking at is a 112 gallon 4x1.5x2.5 (in feet) enclosure. Here the Gray Army and Giant Millipedes will thrive and begin the co-op breeding project to replenish both the gray tree frog and giant millipede populations. What do you guys think about the nickname for the millipedes? What do you think about the nickname for the group as a whole? (The Gray Army and Giant Millipedes)

I am going to ask my professor about hibernating the millipedes just to see if it is possible and worth it for them. I am very excited to be keeping these two groups in a larger sized enclosure to really see how they behave. I am sure most people don't think a millipede can have arboreal tendencies. This species may sleep under logs in the day, but at night they will climb and explore in search of something to eat. It will be interesting for me to see the relationship between both the Gray Army and Giant Millipedes.

Here is one aspect I'll have to ask my vet and professor. Millipedes have predatory mites that protect them, so as you all know the battle with parasites is always on the horizon, but could the mites on the millipedes protect them from these parasites trying to hitch a ride on them? If the predatory mites do protect the millipedes then the millipedes are in no danger of carrying parasites from the frogs. Also frog parasites can they even parasitize the millipedes? I'll have more information on this when I find out!

I am trying to decide on plants for this build because as the Gray Army sleeps this is actually going to be the first build for 2020. I will have this enclosure done first because it was a change of plans for me, as I thought I would be building a 240 gallon first, but now I must hold off on that project for the moment. I am looking at two different ferns and the ivy (Pachysandra) that I have used in previous builds.

I will be searching for more giant millipedes as the spring approaches. Due to my change of plans for what enclosure I will be building first now I can confirm 100% yes I will be purchasing bees. But not the Mason Bees. I am purchasing a greenhouse and I found the Leafcutter Bee to actually be the best species for this type of setting. They apparently do well in heat and humidity. I will have them this year as long as they don't sell out in the month of February.

Leafcutter Bees are very cool bees and they are a summertime species, so we will have them around in June and July for some very cool videos hopefully this year. I am very excited to share more on the three stars of this storyline as more continues to unfold!

I forgot to mention this is a collaboration project including my photographer who will be keeping different species that we will be attempting to breed and replenish into the wild.

I can say his two stars that may appear time from time are the Chinese Praying Mantis and the Redbelly Snake. This snake doesn't eat frogs and is not threatened in the state so it is safe to keep. I am very excited to see how he does, and just to mention he is the creepy crawly guy. He will keep the mantids, snakes, centipedes, and even house centipedes! He even keeps leeches!

I am excited to see how our collaborative efforts will impact the native ecosystems around us. His group will pop in time to time so be on the lookout for anything non Gray Army and Giant Millipedes.

The Woods Vivarium (my American toads) might also make cameo appearances in this storyline as well. They have their own thing, but they are members of the PA Woods so it would make sense to include them from time to time. Their update will be coming soon.

As of right now the Gray Army is in the #1 spot for the channel due to some circumstances that have happened. More on that in another update, but for 2020 and even for Frog Week the Gray Army will represent the brand. What are your thoughts on the Gray Armies ascension in 2020?

What are you most excited to see between the Gray Army and Giant Millipedes, Leafcutter Bees, and the guest inhabitants the Mantids and Snakes?

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