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Old 01-03-2020, 04:13 PM
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Default 60g Paludarium w/ waterfall and bog - build log

I'll be tracking this build here, with lots of pics. Currently I have some heat shaped acrylic and egg crate defining the land and water sections. Left side will be land with its own drainage area, right back corner will be the waterfall flowing into the bog area, which shares drainage with the water area.

In case those images don't work (I seem to be having issues with inline images), here are links:
60g tank front
60g tank overhead

I'll be using DAP Commercial Kitchen 100% Silicone to adhere the acrylic to the tank, based on this video:
Both sections will overflow into a waste bucket that won't recirculate into the tank, and the tank water will be refreshed regularly with distilled water by the MistKing misting system. I'm also setting up a bio-filtration area under the bog with EpiWeb. I'll be recirculating water within the water area using a ZooMed 20g Paludarium Filter to create the waterfall feature.

The tree sections are cedar and will be partially submerged. I'll cover the submerged acrylic and egg crate with Hygrolon (a lot of this stuff I just have laying around, hazards of being an orchid grower I guess) and encourage aquatic plants and mosses to root into it. The waterfall will be Great Stuff/natural rocks, and I might do some of that in the submerged area as well. I think I'll use the Exo Terra rock background that came with the tank, but add heat-shaped PVC vines covered in Hygrolon for depth and rooting areas.

I'm looking at buying a Current Satellite Plus Pro 36" lighting system, the adjustable light temperature and storm feature really piqued my interest.

The tank will have lots of intermediate mini orchids, the bog section will be for small semi-highland carnivorous plants, and I'm thinking blue cherry shrimp and maybe vampire crabs in the water. Based on my old tank, temps should be 70/80 summer and 58/75 winter, so anything in the water also needs to tolerate those temps and night drops. I have a Peltier junction heater/cooler with fans that my dad built for my old tank, controlled by a ZooMed Hygrotherm. I'll probably have vent fans blowing down the tank doors also controlled by the Hygrotherm for when humidity gets too high.

Here's a link to my intended plant and animal list if anyone is interested.

Next step: drill bulkheads and silicone in the acrylic. I have a diamond hole saw on the way but I'm still really nervous about drilling into my new, expensive tank. It's currently in the 30s (F) outside, and I'm not sure if the freezing air + freezing water will be an issue for drilling.

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