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Old 09-17-2019, 01:00 AM
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Default Re: Dart frog and fish paludarium.

This is getting hilarious...
I know, right? Damn. Funny-not funny though, right?

A helpful tip from one newbie to another - if you're really having trouble searching the wealth of topics here, the way that I like to do it is to use regular Google search, but tag on "dendroboard" to your search term.
Hey, thanks man, that's useful. Well done. Also - thanks for the inadvertent plant tip (though looking at the DB returns as you suggested, it seems some of our members aren't finding care of this little guy quite so easy!):

Species: Cissus amazonica
Common name(s): Amazon Jungle Vine
Native to: Brazil
Temperature preferences: Warm growing
Water preferences: Medium to high moisture
Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial

General Information and Care: Cissus amazonica, also known as the Amazon Jungle Vine, is a beautiful small leaved vine for terrariums. Typically the leaves will stay around 2-3 in length and only about -1 wide. The leaf surface is typically silver with white veins, while the underside is a bright burgundy. As it grows, it will climb using tendrils which will wrap around other plants or hardscape items to help it ramble around a terrarium. This is a slower growing species compared to many others and will not require regular pruning.

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 3

Shipped Size: Well rooted plant that has been grown in a 2.5 pot. Will be shipped bareroot.

OK. So now. As for this:
I am very overwhelmed by information right now. As of a month ago, I didn't know people had dart frogs in their homes, so this is very new to me. The plant part is also very hard for me to understand, as I have only kept aquatic plants. I am also confused as to whether or not I need a heater. Cleaning the habitat is a mystery too. Can you please tell me what to get? A thermometer? A humidity reader?
OK, straight out of the chute I'm gonna lay it out there that I'm taking you seriously - that you aren't just trolling the fuck out of us clowns. Dude, I think my advice is to keep your wallet put away for another few months at least, and just search and read and try to organize your thoughts. Seriously, you need a "schema" or "filing system" to put everything that comes in, so you know how it all relates to everything else.

Honest question, no-judging-zone, related to the schema idea: how old are you, and probably more importantly, how much science education have you been given/forced, or voluntarily gone and gotten for yourself? A hungry precocious 16-year old could dominate this hobby. An ignorant incurious 50-year old could still be flailing after decades. Ahem. That's not me OK? Ha ha.

Anyway - I ask for the following reason. One can approach this material from a more-technical perspective, or from a more-artistic / pure-enthusiasm perspective, but at the end of the day, what we are doing is applied ecology. It's a constructed life-support system in a box. It's got a foundation of science and engineering, and - when we are good, and lucky! - a lovely superstructure of "artsy" perched on top. Hiding the science and engineering, but utterly, utterly dependent on them.

I for one am eternally thankful for my STEM background and orientation. It reduces "the overwhelm" and helps me break down viv + inhabitants problems and situations, so I can design & diagnose & adapt in a smarter order. Basically, it helps me kill less stuff - not a bad outcome, not a bad goal. Anyway, if my question makes you uncomfortable please don't respond. I'm not prying. But please do consider it privately, and what else I said.

Please, if by now you are having a hard time hearing me - look at your thread title again - it's "Dart frog and fish paludarium". Fairly complicated, fairly advanced, fairly technical. That's a pretty serious understatement, OK? And you not even knowing about this hobby a month ago. Slow down, bud, for real. Slow down. My point here is:

If you go all-in on an artsy-enthusiastic, science-free-zone, you're gonna kill a shit-ton of shit. No shit. That is ugly, and that is stupid. Get smart.

Good luck, truly. Slow down, study, learn. Maybe look at fewer pictures for a while, and read more. Kill less shit, support more life. It will feel much better, I promise you. Life is precious, support more life.

Kill less.
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