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Default Re: Grey Mantala for false Bottom

As far as price goes, IDK where ya all are buying eggcrate but it's usually in the 13-16$ range for me off the shelf at a home depot.
I must be seeing it the same place as you:
two 24" x 48" sheets of egg crate, which together would cost you somewhere between 20 and 30 bucks off the shelf.
That's like...3-4 sheets of 4x2' for the price of one sheet of matala.
Um, yeah, but...more context:
I can - right now at this instant - get a single full sheet (48" x 39") for $54, with free shipping to my house. That size is almost the same as two 24" x 48" sheets of egg crate...So the Matala would cost about twice the egg crate.
And the last bit of comparative context:
A differential of (saving) 20-30 bucks out of pocket (calling the zip ties, PVC, adhesive, etc "free") for several builds one way, or (saving) an hour of my time per build the other
(I added the word "saving" to clarify the quote)

Obviously there are several ways to skin this cat. Perhaps the main determinant in what someone thinks works best, is their "life situation". For example, I'm a middle-aged guy with a big-enough house (~2200 ft sq) that I own, and plenty of storage in the basement, 2-car garage, and 10x12 garden shed. I've got lots of tools and a decent workshop, and lots of "handy skills" developed over the course of my life.

Having worked, saved, invested, and lived fairly modestly for decades, I also have enough money. Enough money to e.g., buy in bulk to save some dough, and then as noted above, space to store my leftovers until I need them later. I've got a whole herp room in the basement, with a lot of vivs in there. I also have several other hobbies, the standard exercise needs, and a yard to take care of. Plus I work quite a lot. And like everyone, I have family joys and obligations, some friendships to maintain, etc. People, like other "pets and companion animals" (ha ha), require time.

So...ultimately, time is my limiting factor. (I would argue this is true for everyone, but some folks also don't have enough money, which is more in their face.) Anyway, as a consequence, I like things to go fairly smoothly and quickly on the first shot, and I really don't like to create new "perpetual time sucks" in my life. I have learned that, when possible, having things take care of themselves, last a long time, and not demand a lot of maintenance, repairs, replacement, and general dicking-around-with is a true path to satisfaction and reduced aggravation. This should explain my appreciation for "materials + methods solutions" such as Matala, as well as e.g. my preference for drilling vivs for passive drainage, versus needing to actively suck them out once in a while.

Other folks in different "life situations" will have other limiting factors, preferences, experiences etc. But I would counsel anyone, even if you think money is your main limiting factor, if you have some storage & working space go ahead and accumulate some stuff. Then you can bulk-buy and also forage/scrounge for materials & supplies, accumulate some tools, invest some of your time in yourself developing skills, and in the long haul - be more efficient with both time and money. If you let space be your limiting factor, you will spend more time and money. (If you think about it, this is the wisdom shown by farmers, who "hoard" all kinds of stuff, thinking "I might have a use for that in future".) Unsolicited advice, but free for the taking...

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