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Old 08-11-2019, 12:26 PM
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Default New viv and a couple of questions

When I got my pair of D. tinctorius Brazil as froglets, I housed them in an Exo Terra Habisphere. Now, that they're becoming adults, I set up a new viv.

It's 32"x16"x20" (although the actual height is less than 20" because of the false bottom and underground).
It has a ventilation strip at the bottom front and a 6" wide mesh strip on the top, which is mostly covered with glass (but I'm able to regulate the ventilation by just removing some of the glass plates).
There're also 3 nozzles for my misting system and 2 skylights that run for 13 hours/day including an hour break around midday to give the plants a rest.

A month ago I put the plants in, but as some didn't survive the initial setup, I put in some new plants (mainly creeping plants) about a week ago.

The viv is seeded with springtails and some isopods (dwarf whites and powder blues) and has two water bowls (one small monkeypod and a bigger shallow pot saucer). My frogs love to sit in water every now and then.

Temperature goes from 22C (in the night) to about 25C (maybe 26C on very hot days), it'll probably be a tad colder in the winter months. Humidity stays nicely between 75-85% (measured at the middle of the front), up to 90% right after mistings. Temperature and humidity might vary throughout the viv though.

Here are some pics:

Generally, I'd like to know if this would be okay for my frogs? Or are there any adjustments I should make?

Also, I'm a bit concerned about the plants whether they're ready for my frogs or not. Some of you told me I shouldn't worry too much about cycling time and just get on with it. So, should I?

As for the water bowls, I normally use tap water treated with Reptisafe, but I wondered if it might be beneficial to put a bit of tadpole tea in it as well to prevent some of the obligatory bacterial growth. I'll be changing the water every or every other day, of course.

Last question for now: Will my frogs be bothered by the hour of no artificial light around midday? I just mean I read it's good for the plants giving them a rest to break down some of the oxygen radicals building up over the day, but I don't want my frogs to think it's night time already.

Thanks a lot in advance for any comments, opinions or advice you can give me.

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