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Old 07-12-2019, 01:15 AM
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Smile 24x18x24 Exo-Terra First Build

So after almost 3 months of waiting and debating, I have finally finished my first vivarium.

Here is the tank (ignore my ugly carpet, it's a rental)

Silicone applied, using a fan to help the drying process. (Holy crap that silicone smells like straight vinegar.)

Side View showing how far up the sides I applied the silicone. Now we wait 48 hrs.

Foamed in the tank, I have four 2" net cups sunk in there, and some cork bark hiding a PVC drain tube. I was going to do a bulkhead, but after spending $30 on a 1 1/8" glass drill bit, I tried it on some old windows my landlord had in my basement. 3 broken panes later, I decided I'd just do it another way. I also foamed in a small piece of cork on the top right to act as a ledge. Two pieces of Ghostwood and one jungle vine round out the wood.

Here it is standing up with the light on. You can see (top left, and mid left) that my great foam decided it'd rather be free of the silicone.

Here is a picture from the top looking down, showing more foam separation.

I believe some of the foam expanded in the center after the edges had cured, pulling it free of the background.

So back to the hardware store for another can of foam, to fill in where it had separated. (Not Pictured)

Background mostly applied. I did have to fill some blank spots after the original application. (top middle, bottom middle)

Background now filled in, drainage layer, substrate barrier, and ABG mix added. 2 Pumice stones on the left, 1 heavy as hell green rock on the right. No idea on the type of rock, but it's a beautiful light green color.

Close up of the rocks

Close up of the top of the viv.

Yay! My plants came today. Shout out to GlassBoxTropical for the beautiful selection. Unfortunately my Begonia had many wilted leaves which I removed, probably because it was sitting in the sun on my front steps for 6 hours before I could get home from work to rescue it. Hopefully it will survive in its new home.

Close up of the top left, which has my Neoregelia 'Kit Kat', Neoregelia 'Cheers', and Tillandsia concolor, Tillandsia brachycaulos, and Tillandsia ionantha 'Mexican Select'

Top right close up, showing all the above mentioned plus Neoregelia 'Fireball' (F2) (red spotted) and Neoregelia 'olens x compacta'

Here is a close up of my poor Begonia 'Manaus'. As you can see it only has four leaves left, but I believe it will do okay.

I also bought some Dusk Moss Mix, and covered the vine and both pumice stones with it.

Full Build List

Exo-Terra 24x18x24 'Medium Tall' glass terrarium (Reptile Supplies and Live Reptiles - LLLReptile)
Mist King Starter kit + 1 extra misting nozzle (
Current USA 24" Satellite Plus PRO LED light (
Exo-Terra digital thermometer/hygrometer (
1 Tub of Dwarf White Isopods (
1 Tub of Tropical Springtails (
5 tubes worth of ASI black aquarium silicone sealant (
3 cans of Great-Stuff expanding foam (
4 Liters of Hydroton Clay ball drainage layer (
24x18 Substrate Barrier (landscape fabric) (
4 liters of ABG v2 substrate (
2 Gallons of Background mix (
2 18-24" Ghostwood pieces (
1 Jungle Vine (
2 Volcanic Rocks (
1 Random Green Rock (Thanks mom!)
1 Tillandsia brachycaulos (
1 Neoregelia 'Cheers' (
1 Tillandsia ionantha 'Mexican Select™' (
1 Tillandsia concolor (
1 Monkey Pod (
1 Neoregelia 'Fireball' (F2) (red spotted)(
1 Neoregelia olens x compacta (
1 Neoregelia 'Kit Kat' (
1 Begonia 'Manaus' (
1 Bag of Dusk Moss Mix (

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