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Default Re: Orange banded Guyanas

Originally Posted by Jimmyto111 View Post
Hi everyone. I have 2.1.0 orange banded guyanas. I got them from a breeder in Montreal. His breeding pair are F1 from understory enterprises in Toronto. They are almost 1 year old.
My viv is a 45 gallon bioactive, 4months old, heavily planted with a water feature. Temp is 71o-78o day, and 70o night. Humidity is 65%-94% day (fan goes on every hour on the dot for 15min, 13cycles total in 24h).humidity 95-98% at night(no fan cycle). 13h lights on, 11h off.
Everything is growing superbly.
My 2 males call incessantly and try to upstage each other at every opportunity. My female is very large and looks gravid, she is very interested in the Male's vocal displays and seems to love my smaller Male (he as quite the attitude 8/10 boldness). She doesn't seem as interested in my bigger Male (3/10 boldness). She is 9/10 boldness.
Ok... on with my question. Now, not only do they call, but I have witnessed amplexus between my 2 males (quite the show for a beginner like me). Small guy wins almost constantly with his fancy wrestling moves. The bigger Male doesn't seem hurt or very phased by the whole thing. My female then follows the Male, they rub, touch, dance a bit and she usually follows him to the water filled plastic lid. Then, no eggs... ever.
I was told my female might be just on the verge of laying her first clutch and that she might just be slightly to young yet.
I feed melanogaster every 2 days or so, dusted with repashy calcium( every feeding), I add springtails as often as I can (even thou they are big frogs, they adore springtails). I'm starting vitamin A tomorrow, once every 2 weeks in my supplement rotation. My vits are 1month old (kept in fridge).
Is my husbandry up to the standards necessary to breed them? Am I just impatient? Can I improve on anything? Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I posted the same thing in species specific info, not sure if allowed, am trying to figure out which one is more appropriate. Sorry in advance mods.
Your frogs are still pretty young, but they seem to be exhibiting courting behavior which means that they are nearly ready. When they will lay with fertile eggs is a crapshoot. Could be tomorrow, could be a few months. You will have to wait it out.

BTW what you observed between your two males is not amplexus. Dart Frogs do not engage in amplexus at all. Actually it is aggression and wrestling. It is something that you will need to monitor, and be prepared to separate. With luecs, I have actually experienced more aggression between males, than females, which actually is unusual with dart frogs. Usually it's the females that don't get along and wrestle in the dart frog world.
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