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Old 04-25-2019, 05:03 PM
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Default Re: Reviving DB

Originally Posted by Ravage View Post
Facebook is about to get hit with a $5 billion fine by the FTC. The E.U. is after them, and they are going to change. I haven't darkened my life with that site for over two years now and I'm very happy not to get lost in their addictive, and meaningless endless scroll.
I've brought this up before in the tech support area before, but this version of VBulletin is two major releases behind the current version. Many of the image issues could be cured by an upgrade. Additional functionalities include: Live Chat. That could be a big revitalizer. Better mobile support and the ability to run ecommerce through the site could be useful as well.
But this would cost money. And hosting this already massive database already costs money. Tech support to run this site costs money. Right now the ads are minimal and generally hobby related. Opening that floodgate a bit could help fund the bells and whistles that people have grown to want, whether they know it or not.
It seems most of the desires expressed on this thread would be addressed by an upgrade and the tech time to do it. "Build it and they will come" might actually be apt in this case. It seems all of us here want more of us here, and most of them left because of the ease of the Book of Faces. So let's get our house all cleaned up so when they come back, they want to hang out a bit longer.
To make that happen, we need to address what that means:
Hosting images is expensive, they take a lot of meta, giga and peta bytes. It is also essential for a board like this one. Are we willing to pay a small annual fee? Are we willing to see google ads? Is anyone willing to curate the back catalog? I mean, many posts that used photobucket will Never be whole again. That could happen with any other free photo hosting service available today. Excuse me: that WILL happen to any other free photo hosting service available today. Because hosting photos is expensive. The only safe way to maintain an archive is to 1) self-host and 2) curate.
Facebook has had a detrimental effect on all social media because of the illusion of it being free and the power of their hordes of technicians and developers. We have grown to expect something truly amazing for nothing.
Facebook isn't free. It is a multi billion dollar business and its product is: YOU. They track and catalog everything you do, everyone you know and use it to weaponize advertising. Everything you post there becomes their property. Every belief you expose on its pages becomes leverage they possess over you. Every stupid thing you said once, while drunk and online is waiting to come back and haunt you when you decide to run for the school board, or anything really.
We're a lot more egalitarian here, and while copyright ownership of images posted or advice given is still in a nebulous state: it exists as community property for the use of that very same community and its new comers.
What are we willing to do to make it the forum we want? That's the question we need to be asking here. We can hope and dream, or we can help it become a place that is visually attractive and intellectually stimulating and easily accessible, but only if we find a way to fund that.
When I was a fulltime techy I used to love to say: "It's not magic, it's technology." If you want something you either have to do it, or get someone else to do it for you. Either way, everything has a cost.

It's really not that expensive to host images. I own a photography company. While dendroboard has been around longer I'm confident in saying we host a ton more images than are posted/hosted here. It's not as expensive as you might think to run a web forum with images on it like this one.

Now what it does take is TIME. Time to manage everything. If they were to upgrade the forum, that's no fun and takes time. They have to work with mods, have to deal with end user issues etc. The vast majority of us have lives outside of frogs. While this site likely doesn't cost much to run, it likely doesn't bring in a ton of revenue either. So I'm sure those in charge do it as a labor of love.

Frankly I see nothing wrong with the forum as it is. I still see people posting and people getting help. Nothing to see here, move along....
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