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Default Re: Plants for a ball python

Originally Posted by Socratic Monologue View Post
The plant in question looks to be an unhappy example of an Aglaonema. It has likely dropped its lower leaves because it is too dry, and will quickly lose the ones that are very yellowed.
That's too bad. My recent excursion to the Sacramento Zoo left me thinking the herpetology folks could perhaps benefit from consulting with some plant enthusiasts. Sacramento as as city has no shortage of pie-in-the-sky infrastructure plans at the moment, but has finite funds to implement them. There is a group trying to build a 25 million dollar botanical garden (I don't think they have any money yet), and then there is the aging Sacramento Zoo that is trying to move to a new larger location to keep up with AZA accreditation standards for their larger species (They have some money, but I don't think near enough yet).

Seems like if the horticulturists were willing to work with the zoo you could have some pretty epic exhibits, but perhaps there are some roadblocks or politics I am unaware of. It was a little disappointing to peek inside the greenhouse the zoo has in the back of their grounds and think "Oh, I have 2-3 times more plant species than that and I'm just some random dude." The zoo's lighting rigs on the reptile house enclosures were pretty lackluster too. They looked to be consumer grade LED lights, as opposed to something like a 5000k horticulture panel, or some of the 6000-6500k rigs folks use for their privately owned frogs.

Originally Posted by jgragg View Post
Have you considered Zamioculcas? It's notably forgiving, and would do well under lights and without too much watering. I'd probably put it in an unglazed terracotta pot with a matching saucer. That would enable you to pull it out for major soakings every now and then - or to water it right in the cage, with enough water for a bit to run into the saucer but then get re-absorbed by the soil or the terracotta,
Good suggestion, thanks. I'll look into it, I see those plants everywhere, and they're decent looking. As for removal, I am debating making the planted floor section a waterproofed removable insert, though I am still in planning stages. Currently I am using "drylok extreme" to waterproof the plywood. It's about half the price of epoxy and I watched some videos of folks using it to make plywood aquariums, so hopefully it'll stand up to some medium humidity.


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